The weekend is finally here…

27 02 2009

… and it’s Mrs. Crappy weekend. Sweet! That means I’ll get to hang out with Mrs. Crappy and Uncle Crappy, which is always fun.

I’m still sewing away at home… Making progress. I figured out a way to display, if you will, the stuff I made for when I wrap everything. My mom thought my idea was good, so that’s a good sign.  I figure I have about 2 weeks to get everything done for my sister. Good thing I’m planning to stay home all day tomorrow and sew. And same w/ next weekend.

Then it’s immediately onto finishing up the Teaspoon Quilt. Not only did they move up the due date a few weeks ago, it seems that Teaspoon will be arriving even sooner – like in a week or two. Yikes! I am fairly certain I can have the quilt and the other things I’ve planned ready to go in about a month, so no big deal on my end.

Everything is going well for my sister’s baby shower. I’m sending the favors out this weekend to be laminated. I’m making bingo cards for a game… We love the make-it-yourself thing, can you tell?

Oh, and did I mention my big rugby tournament is in exactly one month? Yeah, watch for major head explosion and staborkiness to begin right around March 23rd.

I should probably give some thought to what I’m going to wear in Florida and start doing some laundry too…

Sleep? What’s sleep?



2 responses

27 02 2009
Uncle Crappy

Sleep is for the weak. Or for those of us over 40.

Thank you for plugging Mrs. Crappy Weekend. She’s really looking forward to beer at Your Living Room tonight…

27 02 2009

Happy to help, sir! She deserves it. 🙂

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