Two weeks from now…

5 03 2009

…I will be at my sister’s place in Florida. I will probably have just finished the beginnings of a ton of my crazy-simple macaroni salad for the shower on Saturday. I can’t believe the shower is two weeks away. I have SO much to do.

At the top of this list is finishing the multiple sewing projects, and oh, perhaps doing laundry. I’ve only been laundering the basics and the must-haves since this sewing effort got busy.

I also have a number of things to get done for the shower itself, non-gift related. But all of that is computer based design and printing, basically a no-brainer.

I have no clue yet what I’m wearing to the shower, or what I’m packing for my few days in town. In the event I pack the wrong thing, thank god my sister (pre-pregnancy) and I are relatively the same size, even if she is inches shorter than I am. That kind of thing doesn’t matter when it comes to capris & t-shirts. And shoes don’t matter because I live in flip flops when I’m in Florida.

I am ridiculously excited to see my sister and to see just how pregnant she is. She looked absolutely adorable in the pics I saw of her from last weekend. I’m also excited to spend time with the dog & cat. I miss that dog almost as much as I miss my sister. Almost.

One of the best parts about this weekend finally coming near is that it means I can FINALLY post pictures of all the other random sewing things I’ve been working on. I realized my sister started to read this rather regularly, and I love that soooooooooo much!! But I wanted to keep these other things, very secret! So sometime after the shower, maybe immediately, maybe days later, I’ll be posting pictures of EVERYTHING!

There are still more sewing projects that I haven’t started yet. But that’s okay. I plan to continue to make this kid things for a while – I won’t be there to see the Peanut all the time, so the best I can do is make things for him or her and know that my sister will tell him or her that Aunt Claire made them.

small-fingers1How sweet is that? And it’s going to be true!




One response

6 03 2009
Burgh Baby

I’m so excited for you! You are going to be one helluva great aunt.

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