Everything I do…

10 03 2009

…lately is for my sister’s baby shower or the baby. And you know what, as much as I have a deadline for it, I really enjoy it. No, I’ve loved it. Personally crafting things for this baby and my sister… Re-discovering my sewing abilities. Testing myself at those abilities. I’m proud of most of the things I’ve made. I’ve also realized I’m done sewing for now (I hope) and it’s time to prepare to ship things to my sister. (Hi, Lili…. I’ll be shipping a package to myself, c/o you next week, and if you open it… I will take D & C from you. Not kidding. Well, maybe kidding. I don’t want to deal with your psycho dog crying over missing you, but still… I might take C… he is totally calm… kidding. But don’t you dare open it if it arrives before me. Cause you’ll ruin all my fun!)

I kinda wish I knew if it was going to be a boy or girl, because it’s hard to refer to this kid without doing the boy/girl and niece/nephew thingy. It’d be much easier if I knew. However… I think part of my recent overwhelming excitement about the baby has to do with the fact that we don’t know. And I’m entirely depressed that I’m not closer and can’t be there to see the baby the second it arrives. Or even an hour later. Or a day. We haven’t even figured out when I’m going to visit after the baby is born.

The only salvation I have there is that when I visit in a week or so, I’m getting a web cam. I know a lot of people who chat via webcam. I see no need to participate in that, really. Sorry. I also can’t see my sister having the time to take pics/video and post them. I only want one for the sole chance of my sister booting up her laptop and letting me see the baby as much as possible. Sleeping, even!!! Since I am so far away, I hope to start to develop a relationship with the baby/toddler via the interwebz. I’m really hoping that once it’s able to, it can say hi to me via the webcam. I’m also doing this so that my few and far between visits won’t result in the child freaking out because they have no idea who I am…For now, I hope that this method of contact will help the baby recognize me when I am able to visit…

I really have so much to do before next Wednesday. What does one wear to a baby shower? I’ve never been to one… It’s in Florida, so I’m going with Capris. Except all my capris are black, brown, denim & khaki… Hmmm… I some how think I should be more festive… I will be in Miami, after all. And heck, what clothes that I own actually fit me right now??? No idea!!!! I’m facing a big fail chance right now… the only positive going forward is that I can wear flip flops. I might have to wear jeans. I don’t know. I might have to take 20minutes on Friday before the shower to BUY something to wear!!

I also still have to pack up all those fun gifty things. At least I think I found a box at work today that will fit everything…

I’m totally stressing right now, but I’m not. Because something about my sister and this baby makes me feel totally at ease… I can’t wait till next Thursday night when I see my sister!!!!!

(I hope you remember this song, Lili… And NOT for the name of the song…)




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