I’m done…

11 03 2009

…sewing. Officially. Really. It’s all done. And now I have to wash and dry it all at a laundromat (you do NOT expect me to trust my basement washer for this, do you?) and then ship it to Florida… I’m so excited for next week. Oh! Crap! Yay! I have to find doggy and cat treats too! The Aunt cannot show up empty handed, can she??!!!

Meanwhile, I have some minor health issues that have been killing me… and causing me to miss work. Little Devil Heartburn has returned to wreck my life as I know it…. Oh, and the worst heartburn I ever had? It is now! The night of the Three River Stadium implosion…. I had zero intentions to watch. But heartburn won over that morning. I watched the whole thing. Sitting upright in an armchair.

I then went on prescription meds. And as soon as things were even keel, I quit. And since then I’ve managed, with a few ecxeptions, to control my heartburn. Want to get a pizza with me? Please, please, please ask for “light sauce” so I don’t die… I avoid garlic. I avoid all food that I think might kill me…

Do you know I love Lemonade? I Love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. But I can never drink it. Ever. It will, no kidding, send me into heartburn tailspin like no other food or drink. It’s so delicious, but also the Devil.

And my heartburn? May pop up during rugby or activity, but almost always at night. When I lay down. Oooh, that’s the worst part… but it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad…

After 10+ years or so, I sort of have a handle on what I can and can’t eat. What I can and can’t drink. So imagine my surprise two weeks ago I not only had DAYTIME heartburn, but also night-time. And the issues I won’t talk about. And some other stuff – like burping with heartburn? Huh? what? That’s never happened….

I went to the doctor’s today. And I have to have an ultrasound on my gallbladder, since the daytime symptoms are apparently not “normal.” And they think this may be related to my issues late last year, when I ended up in the hospital for dehydration… what are the chances that the Evil Boss Lady realizes I might have some real reason to have missed work? Zero? What are the chances that she’ll be okay if I have to miss work for this test? Zero?

All she’s going to do tomorrow is ask for a “note” from my doctor excusing me from work the days that I’ve missed. Excuse me?  If she sniffles and says that she isn’t feeling well, but looks a-o-kay, and her boss says “oh geez, if you don’t feel well, you should go home…” If it’s someone who reports to my boss? She says, “Hey, push through it.” Meanwhile, my co-worker’s two year old has a dislocated elbow, or I’m puking up stomach acid… The co-worker, who obviously has to leave gets the evil eye…. And me? I’m looked at with unbelieving eyes. You know what, I want everyone who is in a “management” position to not only have a child, because I see how my boss treats my co-worker, but I also want you, if you have not yet, to wake up thinking that your throat is currently engulfed in flames. Seriously, like “IS.THERE.ANYTHING.I.CAN.DO.TO.MAKE.THIS.GO.AWAY.” And then proceed to throw up leaving you feeling not only in more pain than before, but also exhausted. And when that heartburn proceeds to the “GERD” thing? Yeah, it’s fun. Believe me. It’s so much fun that missing work is a NOT a vacation.

Yeah, and the doctor did ask if work stress was an issue, and you know what? My boss is that stress. Effing evil boss lady. Thanks for eroding my esophagus…..Great job being a good, caring boss. God help you when I leave this job. I won’t expect a good reference from you because I’m going to be HONEST in my exit interview. About EVERYTHING.




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