12 03 2009

I am chopping off the Amy Lee-like pony tail I’ve developed… I love me some Amy Lee, but I’ve decided while I don’t want SHORT hair, I do NOT want uber-long hair like I have now. For those of you out of the loop, Amy Lee is the lead singer from my last favorite band, Evanescence. And my hair right now is out of control. I have curls, many, so I’m never really in control of my hair, but still, we’re going crazy over here….

Look for 4-6 inch, minimum hair loss after tomorrow. Woot! I totally should look nice for “The Baby Shower” next weekend. I’m not fancy, but God help me, I’m going to try to look decent at the least.




2 responses

13 03 2009

Last favorite is that like first loathed or are they opposites? Or did you mean least favorite and forgot an ‘e’?

13 03 2009

Um, last as in the last time I actually had a band I considered a favorite. Confusing I see now that I’ve re-read the post. Whoops. Write it off to Coopers & baby shower stress. lol. Hey – how are my little midgets doing?

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