Packing up…

13 03 2009

Ok, I’m ready to pack up all my stuff for the shower. I really hope it all fits into the box I have. I’m leaving some things for last to pack because they’ll easily be stuffed into my carry-ons… No big deal. All the laundry issues are all done now…

I’ve said thus far that I’m totally excited to see my sister, NE and the dog and cat. And today I realized, duh, that I’m going to see my mom, too!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is awesome and is driving not only herself, but the MIL, a sister of the MIL, and my Aunt over from the other coast of Florida… But not my dad, sadly. Crap!! I thought my presence in Florida meant all hands on deck, but I guess I was wrong… sad sad sad. I want to see my dad!!! But that guy? He’ll be ridiculously happy golfing all day like he always does… Dad w/o golf is a cranky dad… So I guess I’m okay with that. Maybe I’ll take my mom’s camera and take a little video of my sister and I sending our love to him…  Yes, that sounds awesome…. Lili, even with the baby taking away all your brain power, I expect you to remember this idea… lol. Cause I won’t. My brain is fried. The sewing machine ate my brain. Tell the baby – maybe it will kick you if you forget. haha.

I did get confirmation from my sister that next Friday is a day of AnnoyedAngel hangs with the animals day. SWEET!  I’m uber excited. Who would pass up a day spent with the best combo of dog and cat? Not me, that’s for sure!!! I also have to whip up a double batch of my ridiculously simple macaroni salad for the shower. My sister asked for my ridiculously simply mac salad. Am I happy, you betcha!! It is so simple that I didn’t believe my mom or sister when they told me they liked it!! Whatever, it’s really simple and I will be able to spend much time with my favorite animals.  (I might be jumping up & down excited right now about that, just sayin’)

This shower. It’s going to be fun. And keeping true to what my sister wanted for her bridal shower and wedding, and how we were raised – simple is more. I LOVE it. And guess what – my devil of a sewing project? We have a special plan for that… Wahoo!!! There are super evil plans going on right now to tease and tempt my sister when she opens gifts. I love it. Love Love Love.

If you read this, and know how I am, and have some free time next Saturday around noon – 4pm, remind me to take pics and video of things. Lol. I might forget since I’m so excited to see my sister’s reaction to the totally random gifts I’m giving her. Oh, yeah, I bought some more random things tonight… Guess I didn’t say that before, huh? Just you wait till next Saturday and all the pics of EVERYTHING will be posted. Woot!!! Oh, yeah, I hope she cries over at least one gift… And my sister is NOT surprised to read this. I assume she expected it. Just you wait Lili!!! I’ve gone above AND BEYOND what you have seen thus far!!!

Is it ridiculous that I can’t wait till this baby is born so that I can start sewing based on the baby’s sex and name??? No, I don’t think so… I’ve never been wanting for something more in my life. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. i just want a few phone calls: 1) she’s in labor, for real…. 2)the baby is coming now and 3) it’s a “_____” (insert boy or girl as appropriate) and it’s super healthy!!!!!

Name and sex? Doesn’t matter to me. The fact that is is healthy is more important to me.

I’m going to try to teach the grandparents a lesson here. We should all just be so over the moon that they baby is healthy. Who the hell cares what they name it? Who the hell cares if it’s a boy or girl…. My sister and BIL are bright people…They will name it as they deem appropriate and we should never question that. I hope somehow my writing this infiltrates the brains of everyone they know… I know that isn’t really possible, but I can hope, right?

God help me, I cannot wait to see this baby. It kills me that I won’t be there when it happens. And even after that, how can I not move to Florida after seeing that beautiful baby face for the first time? Really, what’s keeping me in the ‘Burgh?

So many questions now…




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