Ok, so it wasn’t that bad…

15 03 2009

St. Pat’s that is. At My Living Room. Really, it wasn’t. Started of very lame and very NOT busy. Very. Then the men’s team descended on us. Along with a few parade attendees… And it was fun, more on that in a moment… But it was also stressful, because dealing with the parade attendees, who have been drinking ALL DAY LONG is very difficult. Them: “I want a beer.” Me: “Really? What kind of beer?” Them: Dumb, vacant look like I’ve asked them to tell me where the Fountain of Youth is located. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. About a thousand times. Honestly ask Uncle Crappy or Mrs. Crappy. They witnessed one of what might be my favorite idiots of the day. (Right when they managed to find a seat at the bar!) UncleCrappy and Mrs. Crappy are super duper people. I’m incredibly happy I was done kinda early and could SIT DOWN and enjoy a drink while they had their beer! I’m pretty sure they rock the world because we all went to Ohio U. Right? Of course I’m right… But I have a special surprise for UncleCrappy in after the last pic…

The day was fun because the rugby guys who were there are ones I really like. I like waiting on them when I bartend and I like hanging out with them on the other side of the bar. They do NOT create stress over & above my waiting on them as a 30-man collective. They don’t CAUSE issues at My Living Room… I mean, who can be upset with these folks:





An these two? My adoring fan club at the end of the bar? Smiling at me…. Begging me to leave My Living Room and go to another bar with them? How could I resist that? Especially when they were there on the happiest day ever last fall??? How CUTE are my two fan club boys?????? How could I refuse??? Unpossible.


Thankfully we were entertained before the Crappy’s left…  A good friend of mine has been perfecting his bagpipe skills. And he was awesome. I’m sure UncleCrappy will back me up on this one. And here comes the big news for Uncle Crappy…


You see that guy on the right??? Yeah??? He’s an OHIO STATE FAN!!! He’s an OSU Graduate!!! Woot! He’s a new-to-rugby-guy. And dang if he didn’t make me mad first time I waited on him a few weeks ago. But after yesterday and today? I love him. He rocks. He’s a trooper. AND he forgave me at one point for the Fiesta Bowl fiasco. He showed up today, in pain for the Scotland v. Ireland rugby match. I have a feeling that this dude and I will become good friends in the fall… I finally have another OSU fan to watch football games with!! Yay!!

I probably have to go to practice on Tuesday and let him know that I’ve outed him as a non-Pitt, non-PSU fan, huh? Well after his day yesterday, I’m pretty sure he’ll still just be happy that I am also an OSU fan…. WIN!




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16 03 2009
Uncle Crappy

We had a great couple hours in Your Living Room on Saturday — and it would have been even better if I had known there was another Buckeye present. And that leads me to this: For the first road game this season? We’re coming to Your Living Room to watch the game. You have a few months to get prepared.

And bagpipe guy? That. Was. Awesome.

16 03 2009

That rugby guy with the green shirt looks like he might want my number. He does, doesn’t he?

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