So it’s not an iPhone…

16 03 2009

…I just can’t afford the monthly charges involved with the iPhone. However, I did get a new phone today and so far, I’m really happy with it…

What did I get? The Samsung Propel. But mine is blue, duh. See second picture for “mine”


sgh-a767_blu_openfrontThat last pic, that’s what I have. Yay! That keyboard? Not as difficult to use as I expected. I was kind of afraid I’d get home, try it and decide to return it immediately. But, really? I’m happy with it. Entirely. I have yet to find some thing about it that angers me. Imagine that…

AND I got a Bluetooth Headset.


Oh, and the headset actually fits my ear & head. Imagine that! It’s kind of difficult to put on, but I’m sure that’s because I’m not used to it yet….

I also got a 2 GB memory card. And a case.

Yeah, I wanted to get the iPhone or a Samsung BlackJack, but I can’t afford those charges every month.

Thus far, I can get to twitter, Plurk, Brightkite and other sites using my new phone, so I’m happy. Yay!




2 responses

16 03 2009
Uncle Crappy

Full keyboards are god’s gift to cell phone users. Enjoy.

17 03 2009

Sweet. Looks like a good option, from here. Headsets are nice.

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