Another thanks to my sister & NE

18 03 2009

Oh geez. Last year at this time I was floating through, randomly planning my big tournament… Things just “happen” sometimes for this tourney, because people have done it forever, or they are well trained. Either way, I love it. But right now, there are a few people who are freaking out because I won’t be here this weekend. In all honesty, I’ve never, ever participated in the weekend before – where they take all the equipment up to the tourney. Never, ever. I just make it happen, and make sure next week happens. That’s my job.

I take care of things, then I take a few weeks off once we have all of the teams scheduled. Then the week of I start to tell people to take vacation days… and usually no one shows up. It’s fun. really. But then on maybe, oh, Thursday, I freak out. Friday night is usually bad, but, come on, this club after last year? They are well trained. They KNOW what to do…. Last year? I didn’t even have to ask a men’s player to take a trash bag and wander around!!! It really was amazing. I actually just stood around and watched over things. Just like I “should” be doing!!!

So everyone – if you read this – just chill out kids… It will never be as bad as it was a few years ago, when a certain non-American someone dropped out of running the tourney. I promise you. This is one of my “kids” if you will, and it will never, ever fail.

We have some good, hard-working new people on this club, and I have faith that this tourney will be fine. Good, actually.

And Lili and NE – each and every person no that club should be thanking you so that I can be there next weekend. Because I’m not sure it would be pretty if I wasn’t!




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