18 03 2009

I’ll be with my sister in Florida. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. And NE and the animal kids. Yay. I might be jumping up and down excited right now. But I might not be. I might be sitting down & typing.

Three hours later: It’s so freaking late. I had a few rugby things to tend to. And I still have things to do. Nuts.

However, I did just discover that certain things that I kinda need to take with me, sewing wise, are actually allowed in a carry on. Who knew!? Not anyone on Twitter earlier, that’s for sure! yay. Happy to educate myself and others on that. BUT if the TSA Agent isn’t happy about what I have, I’m not that distraught over losing the items they might not want me to have… As long as they don’t take my three spools of thread. Seriously. They are perfectly matched to my quilt and something else. I packed my less-than fave less-than 4″ skissors, just in case i run into a mean TSA agent. And only 1 needle. The rest in my cute sewing bag? All thread. Not kidding. When you see EVERYTHING I’ve been sewing, you’ll understand why I happen to have THREE shades of GREEN thread… Green? Really… And knowing me, if you do, I ONLY HAVE ONE SPOOL OF ROYAL BLUE THREAD. ONLY ONE. No “off” shades of slightly royal blue, or trying-to-be-royal blue, the only thing close is a bright turquoise… which reminds me, I might as well take the apron I sewed, since I’ll be cooking…

Did I pack what I NEED? Besides the apron? No idea. Thankfully, mypre-prego sister and I are basically the same size (not the same height though, and not the same shoe size – I hate that shoe thing. She has great shoes.) and if I forget something, usually there is something in her “give to Goodwill” pile that I love and fits me. Whew.

Aaagh. I have no idea what I’m doing now, except going to clean my car. Craptastic.

Okay, post-everything I had to do, it’s now today. Goodnight.




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19 03 2009

Have a good trip!

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