Baby Shower Mania!!

22 03 2009

Ok, it’s happened! I co-hosted my sister’s baby shower this weekend. I had never been to one, but I’m pretty sure it was a darn good shower. And my sister and NE loved it, they got some amazingly awesome things. Including their car seat, their highchair and lots of other fun baby stuff. NE proved yet again that he is a kick-ass guy – he not only helped set up for the shower, but he was there the whole time and helped my sister open their gifts. He also got to talk to some women who he and my sister are friends with through his work, which I’m thankful for.

I’m pretty sure that my hand-made gifts for the baby shocked the you-know-what out of them. I cried when they opened my quilt. Even though they knew about it and saw finished pics on this site, it was just so awesome finally give the quilt to them and to see them open it. So. Freaking. Awesome. And I didn’t get a picture of it, (if I had, I wouldn’t ever put it here,) but my sister opened her last gift (see below), and looked at me and said, “Did you make this?” with a look of utter astonishment on her face. I think I danced around at that point.

So, my gifts. I’ve promised forever to post these. And finally, I can. So, here we go, in order of how my sister & NE opened them:

One: Pooh Bear teether (& a pack of hangers.) Totally lame… but leftover from other gifts!



Two: From the cat “C” and Aunt Claire – home-made baby bath towel & washcloth and bath toys…



sassy-snap-and-squirtThree: My Quilt. Look at the fun bag I got for it! yay!




Four: The bibs & burp cloths…. I really thought my sister caught onto this when I mentioned that Teaspoon had been born. She knows I am also making a quilt for him (and she’s excited about it too!), but I mentioned after he was born I had to rush to try to make his bib and burp cloth… Apparently, that baby is eating her brain, because she had NO IDEA…

B is also for BIBS and BURP CLOTHS. Who knew?

B is for Baby. But also for BIBS and BURP CLOTHS. Who knew?





I swear, I chose a box that could fit BABY hangers across them. But no. Not when I tried. Thus, the are angled left and right… Oy. Here is most of the bibs etc. I think there are a few missing…

Microsoft Word - Document1

And then Five: From the dog “D” and Aunt Claire

I now present to you the finished RING TOY OF DEATH. AKA the Heather Bailey Happy Stacker Ring Toy. I wrapped it so that they could just push aside the tissue paper and then pull on the top ribbon. I tried it at home it worked…. At the shower? Not so much…  My sister ended up with 3 of the 5 rings randomly on the center… ugh… I had to run over and grab the bottom two rings and shove them on the bottom!!! That figures right? THIS is what made my sister stop and ask if I made it… Personally, it isn’t perfect.I’m okay with that. My mom was amazed at it when she saw it. (Yes, that made me cry. Shut up.)  All I hope is that it makes this baby HAPPY – at least once. That’s all I asked when Lili and NE opened it. Just once. And then if D decides it’s the perfect stuffed thing that needs its stuffing removed, I’m okay with that… Not even kidding.



See that smidge of bright orange & turquoise??

Tada!!! The Ring Toy of Death!!!

Tada!!! The Ring Toy of Death!!!

The look on my sister’s face when she realized I MADE it? That was enough. I didn’t even want to cry. The quilt, yes, but this thing? I was so happy. Lili tried to tell me right before we packed up that she couldn’t believe what I made. And I told her to stop & tell me later – because she’d make me cry – I think at first she was offended or caught off guard… But she didn’t bring it up – but she and my mom, her friend, our Aunt, NE’s mom and his aunt all checked out my gifts when they came over after the shower…

I also think my sister realized why I MADE everything and just bought “accents” here and there. That look on her face? And that I just had to show a tear or two? That is why I love my sister. And, by the way, Lili, again we prove NE wrong. We just read each other’s minds… We don’t forget certain words while we’re talking… He just is still new to us and hasn’t caught on… We just know what the other is going to say…. Yes, that’s it. You tell him that… Please. lol. (OMG. That is totally like a 45% lie right there.)

Ah, it was great. Tomorrow I will post pics of the shower & the fancy tables that we set up. Including some books borrowed (ok, stolen, for the day) from my sister’s stash that she took from when we were both growing up…

And no, I’m not done sewing. Teaspoon’s quilt has to be done soon! Since he just decided to grow and get healthy and come home super early!!! And I’ve already come up with new things to make for my sister’s baby. I’m insane, I know. But until I move to Florida what else  can I do for that baby but make it things and project my love from so far away??




5 responses

23 03 2009
Uncle Crappy

Seeing all this stuff completed? I am blown away. You done good.

And: I still want my own Ring Toy of Death. My birthday is in October, so you have plenty of time…

23 03 2009

great job!! I’m telling you, I have kept every homemade gift I have ever gotten from my kids baby’s showers. Everything else was given away. Those handmade gifts are made with love! You are terrific!
-gobiefishy form plurk

23 03 2009

seeing it all laid out like that in such abundance was crazy! you should feel so proud!!! i’m just relieved it traveled down there all fine with you. you know how airports are…or was that your carry on?

23 03 2009
Burgh Baby

You are SO whipped, and you haven’t even met that kid yet. I LOVE IT!

You done good. Real good.

23 03 2009

I actually shipped most of it last Monday. I only took down stuff for the actual shower – books, decorations etc, and some sewing tools, just in case. But it did arrive safe & sound Thursday right before we got to my sister’s house. I wasn’t questioned on ANYTHING going to Florida. On the way back they had to open my suitcase – to check on what turned out to be a roll of RAFFLE TICKETS… Looking back I think what they actually wanted a look at was the web cam that was wrapped in a tshirt just near the raffle tickets.

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