Is this week over yet?

25 03 2009

I posted this and then I had to edit it. Not much of it, but really, I realized it’s been a while since I posted any music…. and I didn’t really have much of an idea of what to post. Many links I saved are now not available (dumb). But this one… if I ever hear this on the radio or my IPod, I might cry. When it was released, I immediately thought of My Living Room…

I know many of you hate this music, but for now, please just allow me this…

If you had asked me last week to tell you what the worst thing that could happen this week would be, I would have probably said it would be a repeat of last year. Hardly anyone showed up to help finish up the fields on Friday – I was there, alone, at 10am, for like 2 hours. Freezing on the windy, cold, barren camping ground… Then we find that half of our goalposts are trashed… A bunch of people were at the site till after dark, the rest of us running around the Burgh buying things to make things right at 7am the next day… Yeah, that was fun. However, the tourney ran the best it ever has and we were out of there by 7 or 8pm.

Never, did I think that my job at My Living Room would be gone right now, that I’d be dealing with THAT on top of my tournament… That I’d still (update: 11:53pm) be waiting on a call from Viking to talk to me about the situation. NEVER EVER did I think that on top of my tourney, I’d be trying to figure out how I can turn my apparent pretty good sewing skills into some way to make enough money each week/month to make it paycheck to paycheck. NEVER. NEVER EVER.

I worked there for nearly 7 entire years (no, not 8. I realized it the other day. My first year in my club and at the bar were in 2002,) which apparently right now means NOTHING. Did I think I earned my shift? HELL YES. I started there working Sunday nights. ALONE. And they sucked. Sorry that I can’t work weekdays, but I’ve always given up 50-100% of my weekends to work at or maintain that damn place… I can’t even keep writing about it because I’m so mad, hurt, upset and violent that it just will not end well for me or a few others I may encounter… But really, that was the LAST thing I ever expected…

But it figures… This year, I have a ton of people signed up to help Thursday and Friday. Good people I think I can depend on. And the dependable people who CAN’T make it Thursday or Friday? They proved that I can count on them and have each individually emailed me to say they’ll do whatever I need on Saturday. Because I know them and depend on them, I already knew this. 🙂

BG has already figured out our goalpost issue. And little pregnant miss KRL has agreed to print the items I need printed on Friday… (I’m hoping this means she won’t try to chase me around w/ her pregnant belly… please? You actually can’t cause then you won’t get the fantabulous things I’m making for Baby Love!)

But what is killing me right now is that every year, no matter what time we get out of the site, most, if not all of us head to My Living Room. Last year I ran a raffle at the site for those who helped clean up and then again at My Living Room. What am I going to do this year??? I can’t even imagine walking into that place right now without feeling so uncomfortable and unwelcome… I don’t WANT to go there… Just thinking about it makes me want to cry my face off or physically harm someone. But I loved hanging out with everyone last year… loved it. It was a good time. One of the few times I actually enjoy being on the patron side of the bar….

Right now, I am planning to hand off the second raffle thing to someone else and just come home. Yay.

I can haz free move to Florida nowz? Plz?




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