Serenity Now…

26 03 2009

My big old tournament is in not even two days. And it is a trainwreck in the making.

Two years ago, we decided to put a limit on the number of teams allowed. Worked well the first two years… this year? Not so much. We now have too many teams. Seriously. Like 4-6 too many. Great.

Right now the only thing good going on is that the crew today got WAY more done than we ever do on Thursday. I *heart* PghRugbyRef from my comments for this. He knew what needed to be done, and the people he had there with him were great workers. Tomorrow there isn’t as much to do, but I still have a zillion things to get done.

Oh, and did I mention that all those extra teams were added in the past 24 hours? And that tomorrow night I’m supposed to go see Britney Spears in concert? (You question this, I’m sure – it’s free. Just like Madonna. It’s not like I’d pay to see either one.)

My brain isn’t even working today. I went to Get Go to buy a bottle of water. Paid for it then left it on the counter. Got home, meant to put it in the fridge. Where is it? On the floor next to me. Awesome.

I can’t even find the words to fully explain the insanity going on right now… Instead I’m going to just listen to my “calm” song…Enjoy.




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