The Circus

28 03 2009

No, I did not go to the circus. I went to see “Circus” by one Britney Spears… My good friend @calipanthergrl was given tickets and I volunteered to go. I didn’t know then that it was the night before the “big” tournament, so I was a little worried. Thankfully, everything went really well yesterday & today and I didn’t have any fires to put out tonight.

As you know, I saw Madonna in November. I didn’t really want to go, but in the end, I was glad I did – it was a good show. It didn’t last long, no opening act, but Madonna seriously worked her ass off during that show…

I’m pretty sure that I don’t have the words to explain the interesting, disturbing, unreal, unappropriate things we may have seen tonight. So instead, I give you, from start to finish, the tweets @calipantergrl and I shared with our Twitter friends (and some of their replies) through out the night. (I’ve done a smidge of editing. It’s my blog, I’m allowed.)

I love Google Image results right not so I can provide pics. Even what @calipanthergrl missed b/c someone trapped her in conversation…

AnnoyedAngel: Walking into mellon arena and the circus with @calipanthergrl Approx7:30pm

FashionForward: @calipanthergrl @AnnoyedAngel good luck girls. Approx 7:30pm

AnnoyedAngel: Oh my god. This place is ridic. That is all. Approx 8ish

AnnoyedAngel: view from our seats Approx 8ish


AnnoyedAngel: 16,000 screaming tweens and perhaps adult women? LOUD! Ouch. Approx 8ish

calipanthergrl: Trns out I like more PCD songs than I knew. Nicole? Amazingly talented & hot. Not convinced the othr 4 weren’t pulled frm the crowd b4 hand Approx 8:30pm

unclecrappy: Thinking about @AnnoyedAngel and @calipanthergrl at the Britney Spears show. Trying not to laugh. Approx 8:30pm

AnnoyedAngel: Omg. Stripper poles! During the pcd remake of jai ho! Geebus. Approx 9:00pm

calipanthergrl: @unclecrappy laugh if you want, but I’ve got free food, booze and ncaa basketball on in the suite! Approx 9:30pm

unclecrappy: @calipanthergrl Touche. Approx 9:30pm

AnnoyedAngel: Big apple circus! Yay Approx 9:30pm

calipanthergrl: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a juggling midget… Approx 9:30pm

calipanthergrl: Well. That intro was hella disturbing Approx 9:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: This is kinda freaking disturbing. And scary. And quite ok. In short, a trainwreck times 40 Approx 9:45pm

calipanthergrl: On sensory overload here. Epileptic seizure in 3, 2, 1 …Approx 9:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Oh geebus. Brit brit is in a cage on stage. Bwahahaha Approx 9:45pm


AnnoyedAngel: And dudes r hanging from that cage. Ummmm Approx 9:45pm

calipanthergrl: Also, unlike Nicole S., I’m pretty sure Britney hasn’t sung a word yet. #lipsync in the house! Approx 9:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Agree w @calipanthergrl. We’re all lip synch up in here Approx 9:45pm

calipanthergrl: I mean, she’s not even pretending to move her lips Approx 9:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Someone better tell @calipanthergrl to get outta my head. At least she’s here to share the trainwreck w me….Approx 9:45pm

unclecrappy: @AnnoyedAngel @calipanthergrl I’m happy yinz are approaching the show with the proper spirit. Approx 9:45pm

calipanthergrl: So we’ve gone from circus theme to bad 90’s color me bad video? Huh? Approx 9:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Oh goody. More stripper poles. Hi, kids! Approx 9:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: I am totally planning costume changes for april 4th @ the bar. The basics stay the same, we’re gonna accessorize w feathery things & jackets & stuff Approx 10:45pm


calipanthergrl: Sorry brit …. Christina already did the genie thing … And better Approx 10:45pm


AnnoyedAngel: Alert the press. She is singing for reals. On an umbrella like those ins commercials. Approx 10:45pm


calipanthergrl: For those keeping track at home, we’ve gone circus, color me badd, slumdog millionaire and now traveler’s comm. Can’t wait to see what’s nxt Approx 10:45pm

unclecrappy: @AnnoyedAngel Actual singing? I don’t believe you. Approx 10:45pm

unclecrappy: @calipanthergrl I want hippies and/or a Sinatra impersonation. Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Ok now this stuff kinda makes me feel dirty. Ew. There are kids here Approx 10:45pm


calipanthergrl: @unclecrappy well we just about had an orgy on video (think eyes wide shut) so it may be in the cards Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: I’m pretty sure @calipanthergrl and i have NO Words for what we just saw Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Sex scenes? We haz it. O.M.G. Approx 10:45pm

@calipanthergrl missed this... wow.

@calipanthergrl missed this... wow.

AnnoyedAngel: If my mother knew what i was seeing here, she’d b quite disappointed in me Approx 10:45pm

FashionForward: Can’t wait till next sat. Really looking forward to @calipanthergrl @unclecrappy @mrscrappy et al and the @AnnoyedAngel #asshat tweetup Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: There are parents here who have to explain a LOT to their kids, guaranteed. Holy crap. Approx 10:45pm

FashionForward: @AnnoyedAngel @calipanthergrl @unclecrappy yeah but does brit perform while doing synchronzed trampoline jumping or with a vacuum? Approx 10:45pm

unclecrappy: @FashionForward I think #Asshat Tweetup is the perfect name. If @AnnoyedAngel approves, we’re gonna run with that. Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: @unclecrappy @FashionForward #asshat tweetup is fine. Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: Anime sex goddess now. My eyes are burning and my brain is rotting. Oy Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: I am out of words. Srsly. Ridic Approx 10:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: All done w the shit show trainwreck, god help me, it was fun. Approx 11:45pm

AnnoyedAngel: This was def the BEST way to spend the nite before a stressful day. Thx @calipanthetgrl. Will blog abt it when i get home! Approx 11:45pm

Keep in mind, when we sent these, we didn’t know what the other sent. While we did talk and laugh our a*^es off during the show, we just didn’t share what we “tweeted.” I swear it made the night better. I also learned that @calipanthergrl has a direct read on my mind…. strange.

(Also including a sort of related thread… #asshat tweetup… you will be seeing more on this soon, I promise… but mark your calendars now – APRIL 4th…)

(And before I blog abt it, thanks to Uncle Crappy and FashionForward for next weekend. Really, guys, you have no idea…)




One response

28 03 2009
Uncle Crappy

This is absolutely priceless. And I’m glad I was able to play a supporting role.

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