What a weekend…

29 03 2009

I’ve had quite a weekend. It started with Britney Spears’ Circus show on Friday. Calipanthergrl and I really had a great time.

I was up and driving to my tournament at 7am Saturday… 99% of the set up was done by two great groups of volunteers on Thursday and Friday during the day, so there wasn’t much to do in the morning. We were up & running in no time. Everyone worked really hard and I managed to give myself a break to run touch for the guy’s game.  I even managed to run touch again for the Men’s University championship game. During that game, a new guy, Skoal, came up with a brilliant idea involving his hat and my sewing ability. Seriously, we might become millionaires because of this… but we need to work out the details still.

Brother Anthony even managed to stop by to say hi. I didn’t get time to talk to him much as I was running touch when he got there… Sorry Anthony!

There were only a few issues that arose during the day. And I didn’t yell at anyone except for two refs who got into an argument at the end of the day. Amazing, I know. We were cleaned up and out of there by 7:30pm. Amazing. We have a bunch of new men & women, along with current members, who really worked their asses off and made everything a success.

Everyone made it back to the Burgh and to My Living Room. Even Uncle Crappy made an appearance. And with that, my day was long, exhausting and overall pretty spectacular.

Preparations are apparently underway for my last shift @ My Living Room this coming Saturday. If all goes well, I’ll make it to rugby practice this week and maybe get to play a half in the game on Saturday. *fingers crossed*

I’m not happy about Saturday, but the support I’ve gotten over the situation has been amazing. Thanks to all of you.

I’m beat, so I’m going to finish dinner and resume being lazy. Later!




One response

30 03 2009
Burgh Baby

I’m going to be making fun of you for this whole Britney thing for at LEAST the next forever minutes. Just admit it, you’re TOTALLY her biggest fan!

Glad the tourney went well!

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