Asshat Tweetup

1 04 2009

My friend, Fashion Forward named it. And I thank him  – cause he got it totally correct. This Saturday, April 4th from 8-pm – close is the “Asshat Tweetup.” And it’s well on it’s way to being an epic evening. We have all kinds of fun things planned. Some known, some unknown.

There will probably be costume changes. CPG is in charge. I trust her. I have no idea what she’s going to do. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. There is one costume change specifically for the Yinz Team and my social media friends… FUN!

There will also be a DJ. My good friend JB will be there to make me grin and blush by saying “Clairebear, what’s wrong?” over his mic all night long.

Spring Kickoff

I think the rugby people are confused & aren’t sure what to do. Their “rugby” bartender no longer works there. What can they do? I have nothing to tell them but to figure it out on your own. Do what you want. I would love your support, but I’m not going to ask for it…

I know the “real” reason I lost my job. I WILL NOT SHARE IT HERE. It’s not without very minimal merit. However, there were things could have been done to prevent/warn/deal with it. And those things didn’t happen. AT ALL…

The fact that things weren’t dealt with when they came up? Unforgivable. Completely. Totally. Entirely. While I accept MY role in this now, I do NOT accept full responsibility. AT ALL. Had I known my job depending on certain things… I would have made appropriate adjustments.

Instead, I was told one story then had to wait over a week for the “real” story. Unprofessional much?

The worse part is how hurt I am by this. Personally. Very much so. I gave everything I had to that place. Time – more than I can ever add up – and most importantly, my heart. I loved it there.  LOVED. And now I’m kind of feeling a little bit lost. And sad. A lot of sad.

I will get over it, and I’ll be fine. It might take a while, it might not. I have no idea. But I do know I have a freaking wonderful group of friends — rugby and non-rugby — who are supporting me and there for me right now. And I really appreciate that.

I thank Uncle Crappy & MrsCrappy because their kindness knows NO bounds – UncleCrappy has been the brains behind the Yinz Team part of this event. I can’t even find the words to explain what this means to me. It’s honestly impossible. And he and MrsCrappy are apparently going to be at the bar all.night.long….

And thanks to CPG who is taking care of my costume changes.  I’m sure it will be hysterical.

And in advance I thank Chachi and everyone else who will be there … We’ll have a fun time. With the friends that I have, how could I not???



3 responses

1 04 2009
Uncle Crappy

I’m happy to help. One minor correction, though — Mrs. Crappy has to work VERY EARLY Saturday morning, so I’d guess she’s not going to make it until last call. I’ll be there for the whole freaking thing, with the exception of the time it will take me to drive her home.

Hm: Maybe a betting pool where we pick the time Mrs. Crappy says she needs to leave?

1 04 2009
Whistle Blower

If possible, could there be an Asshat pinata? Wouldn’t beating it feel SO good? Little bottles of alcohol could be inside. Oh the fun! This is something I might work on, time permitting.

1 04 2009

If you have the time… I’m sure people would be receptive to it! I had a friend tonight say he wished he had the time to make an “Asshat” hat… lol.

I just wish I could light anything Asshat related on fire. It’s in the cards. Someone had a dream I lit Asshat on fire a while back…

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