Busy? No, not me…

2 04 2009

Oy… What did I accomplish in the past 24 hours? (Not in chronological order)

Well, I posted today, grumble…  along with the lame-o flyer for DJ Cannonball… (hey, I tweeted for help on that… and no responses. AT. ALL.)

I had a nearly 2 hour phone conversation with Fashion Forward – that could be a record, I’m not sure…

I ATTEMPTED to watch the two episodes of Lost that I’ve missed.  But my laptop was not cooperating.

I did three loads of laundry.

I worked 8 hours.

Managed to send out some tourney updates.

Managed to participate in half of a rugby practice.

Read a post from UncleCrappy that was so touching I cried. (No I’m not going to link to it… are you crazy??)

Realized that I have some super amazing awesome supportive unreal friends. AMAZING FRIENDS. Fan-freaking-tastic friends.


AND this evening, in minimal time, I also managed to top stitch, by hand, more than half of the TEASPOON QUILT!!! It will be done by the weekend!! And I swear, pics are coming soon! Spoon & Lushie are trying to figure out when is best for him to come by on Saturday – day or evening – before other things he has to do.

Right now? I’m super overly excited to give Father Spoon this quilt. My new little buddy, Teaspoon, decided to really try to give his parents – and me – a heart attack and come hella early… The “Spoon” family seems to be doing well so far with Teaspoon home. Makes me uber happy.

Only a few people have seen the “personalization” I put on it. It’s so freaking awesome, I’ve shocked myself over it. And we’re not done there… you should have learned that by now…  I’m working on some other things also… New things. Not things I’ve posted yet. Yeah, like y’all are surprised.

I’ll be taking orders soon for my fancy schmancy things… since I’ll have some time on my hands!!! Seriously, you guys have to order stuff… cause eventually CPG is going to want her table back… really.




One response

2 04 2009

Have I mentioned how much you kickass yet today? I should make a script to remind you.

I’ll be heading out to the game instead of the night time festivities. I’m finding out the importance of schedules and right now I’m mister 10pm and 1am feeding so mommy can sleep.

Teaspoon is fantastic now that we got him some belly meds. Kid had issues burpin before, now he’s a champ.

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