Hello, my name is Fail.

2 04 2009

Nice to meet you…I’m a moron. yay!

Remember yesterday when I said had finished the binding on half of the Teaspoon quilt? Yeah, I lied. I got home tonight to check out my work and realized that OH.MY.GOSH. because of the way I fold the quilt while I do the binding, I had only done ONE of the short sides. Whoops.

As of now I can honestly say (I measured to be sure) that I NOW have over 50% of the quilt top stitched… Whew. Just a little more to go and I can be done. Well, with that at least.

I’m also working on something involving this:100_05341

I’ve decided to make things all the time and attend crafty fairs and whatnot. How else will I make money with no bartending job? And honestly, I’d rather sew than bartend. Perhaps I’ll open an Etsy shop… I dunno. Some ideas for trunk shows have been floated my way, but I’m a long way from there…

What I’d really LOVE is for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who read this (yes, you who read and never comment. I know who most of you are (girls, I’m looking at you!!!) – just sayin’) to leave me a suggestion on what to call my eventual Etsy shop and crafty type setup…

Seriously, most, if not all of you know my two screen names. And obviously I’m not very creative w/ my screen names… And that WILL NOT DO for a baby goods shop… I thought about Clairebear, but it’s too plain…

So I’m going to run a littly bitty contest: Help me name my Etsy shop and/or what I’ll use at these crafty type things. The prize: if you know someone who is having a baby w/in a year from the date I choose the name, I will make you a bib or two, burp cloth and another item TBD. If not, we’ll discuss… Multiple entries are fine. I want something that is as close to the real ME as possible…. If you’ve read this whole blog in it’s entirety, it’s probably easy to see who I am.

So bring it on boys and girls…You have until Sunday, April 5th at 9pm to enter.

Please help me!




5 responses

3 04 2009

Clearly you need to work in the angel thing, though perhaps not so annoyed. Angels and bears….oh my? I should know better than to try creativity before caffeine.

Good luck. I know someone will have a flash of brilliance. It’s just not me.

3 04 2009

Angel Wings? Annoyed Angel actually isn’t too bad, considering some of the booths at the Handmade Arcade made references to poop and underpants… Teaspoon Quilts is kind of cute

3 04 2009

Stitched By An Angel?

3 04 2009
Whistle Blower

If you open your own shop, how about the “Aunt House”? I also like “Sew Precious” if you are specifically marketing toward infants/mothers.

6 04 2009
Laura V

I’d check what already exists on Etsy/the web-o-sphere before picking anything.

I do kind of like Clairebear though.

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