Saturday’s A RUGBY DAY!!! – Part 1

5 04 2009


I don’t know where to begin… Saturday was a Rugby Day, as it should always be. Honestly. There’s just something about spending your Saturday watching your teammates and friends play rugby. I love it. Even when the women are out of town and I don’t go, I make a point to go out and watch our men. But it’s a great rugby day when I can play also, and even better when myself and my teammates play like we did on Saturday…

Thanks to Cindy-Lou who made the picture above possible. And to UncleCrappy, since I totally stole this pic from his site. 🙂

It also helped that the refs for yesterday are good at their jobs as refs and are two good friends, whom I love dearly, and who read what I post on this site. Thanks guys. For everything on Saturday.

About the men… They are kind of rebuilding right now. And the have some AMAZING players right now. I’m so proud of them. Proud of the new guys who seem to be not only talented, but kind and willing to help. They are awesome. (I’ll add more to that in the next post.) And I’m proud of the guys who have been here for a while – for sticking around, working on their team and working for the team – knowing that they’re headed for an upswing. And it’s apparent that they are.

And about the women… This weekend we faced a team that beat us last spring. We found hard last spring… but this past Saturday? WOW. It was definitely an Angels day. For outsider’s interpretations of the day, please see UncleCrappy or FatherSpoon’s posts. I am so proud to be an Angel.

Are there things we can work on? Absolutely. And we will. Our coach is good like that. But we had so many good things going for us. First and foremost in my mind? SUPPORT. You cannot play rugby without support. You need another teammate there running with you – to catch a pass or to help you in contact. And we had that. Like crazy.

Early in the second half, we had a scrum. And I said, “I want a try.” (I’ve said this before, and it never happens…) I have to thank KellsBells – she broke off the scrum, I followed her. She ended up with the ball and went into contact. We were soooo close to the try line. I yelled for the ball, in support of her, and she passed it off. And I literally dove & slid for it. My knees? Whatever… I don’t wear skirts. They’re a mess all the time… But how did I see that opportunity? I have no freaking idea, because I’m usually clueless out there. Something just worked out for me yesterday to make it through those ENTIRE 40 minutes and play the way I did.

Maybe it’s that I knew what I was facing later in the night. Maybe something has finally clicked in me and I ‘get it.’ For now, I’m going to believe it’s a good coach who believes in this team and makes us work to make him proud, and my friends’ support and the partial Yinz Team cheering section I had yesterday. After all, that REALLY is why I scored that try…

Oh, and Dahcheet? The next time we travel to Harrisburg? I’m definitely making that trip and hanging out for a while. Just for you since you made the trip this weekend. Thank you, sir.

I hope that more Yinz Team folks will join in and become an even bigger cheering section for us in the future!!! Obviously it works wonders!!!




2 responses

5 04 2009
Uncle Crappy

I don’t know if 80-0 games are the norm, but I know we were impressed nonetheless. I guarantee we’ll be back.

6 04 2009

You let me know when you’re coming out and we’ll definitely hang out.

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