Saturday’s A RUGBY DAY!! – Part 2

6 04 2009

I wandered into the bar in time to eat some of the food from the social, and for the first time in a VERY long time, had a beer from the kegs we buy for the social.

And then I began my last shift at the bar….

Cat's Eye tshirt, worn in honor of UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy!

Cat's Eye tshirt, worn in honor of UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy!

At first it was fine. Then the men showed up, even some of them who were a little injured…

Skoal's head. Freshly shaven that morning. And then bloodied in the game...Nice.

Skoal's head. Freshly shaven that morning. And then bloodied in the game...Nice.

The bar just kept getting busier from that point on. I got a few texts from people – my sister among others – who couldn’t make it and wished me well. That was the first time I nearly cried.

Throughout the night, I managed to not all-out bawl even when people came behind the bar to hug me to say goodbye. I didn’t even care that they made the choice to come behind the bar. It meant a lot to me for them to do that.

When DJ Cannonball started, I was awarded a champion’s belt. A replica belt. Thank god, because those suckers are heavy!!! DJ Cannonball brought his belt with him. And I’d never like to pick that up again. Just sayin….


The center of that belt? It spins. That is all.

I worked for around 5 hours. Then I just wanted to be done. I wanted to take the Polar Plunge bottle off the top of the bar, collect my belongings and go talk to my friends. And I did.

Was I upset? ABSOLUTELY. How could I not be? But was I happy to see a packed bar in my honor for my last night? ABSOLUTELY.



My wardrobe changes didn’t work out as planned. But it’s okay. I am Pitt Girl? Did you know that??I also rock a cowboy hat like none other.


And apparently I can almost pull off a bustier and a jacket with a feather boa. Who knew!??!

I should be totally embarassed by this picture. But I'm not. It's hysterical.

I should be totally embarassed by this picture. But I'm not. It's hysterical.

I’m glad by ruggers came out and stayed the whole night. That doesn’t always happen – usually they’ll meet up there and then wander to other bars. But they stayed, had fun, had a dance off…

Microsoft Word - Document1

I’ve got to thank each & every one of the online friends I’ve made. They came out in force and out-numbered the ruggers at many points in the night. All of you are freaking spectacular. I love you all.







And even more, especially Uncle and Mrs. Crappy. They showed up first, may have left last, I don’t know… But they managed to collect enough money that I will be good for a little while, giving me a great cushion until I can open that sewing shop thingy.

The kindness and generosity of the social media community in Pittsburgh is so overwhelming I can’t explain it. I hope that I can repay all of you, in some way. I’m always here if you need me… And that, my new friends, is a promise from the bottom of my heart.


My final act as a bartender.

Thank you – ruggers, social media folks, and regulars – for one of the best, greatest send-offs I could ever have dreamed or hoped for. I may have looked miserable, but I swear to God that I had a great night.




4 responses

6 04 2009

Hey friend: I wish I could have stayed longer, especially to see Christian take home the white-boy-dance-off contest. I’m so glad you had so much support on your last night. I know you’ll come out on top, because you have too much fire and passion not to!

7 04 2009

Hey lady. We had an absolute blast. I’m so glad we got to share your night with you.

7 04 2009

wish I was there…had the flu …being a ex-bartender and proponent of violent sports, we have alot in common. I look back at my “glory days” (bartended 9+years) and laugh cry and shake my head. I now know that my departure from the bar seen was a rebirth into the other part of the world “daywalkers”. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my leaving the bar was a blessing. Will yours be? I hope you follow your heart and do what you want to. Dont get caught up chasing that feeling you had behind the bar, its gone. Embrace all the new opportunities you have and recognized that you are one of a kind and there is no replacement for you (behind the bar) and in life). It feels good to leave at the top of your game. The world only kows your best and thats how you will be remembered. Lets find another bar to put next years polar plunge bottle! -demunz “Bartenders are Gods” —“Bartenders are the aristocrats of the working people”

7 04 2009

Demunz – thank you. I agree with what you’re saying. I’m going out on top. I like that. I’m excited to see where the new things I’m focusing on will take me. I plan to – see the next post – go back soon, but I will not miss having to be “on task” at all times.

And dang right. We’ll find a new bar, for next year’s bottle, who will be more than happy to have us. We’ll have to look into that next fall…

But really, thanks for the awesome comment. It make me SMILE!! (And I did not start to cry at all! I’m on my way back to normal-human-being apparently!!!)

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