What to do… What to do?

7 04 2009

I’m trying to figure out how to handle my return to My Living Room. And when to do so… And I’m looking for input.

Based on the support of certain ruggers, I feel like I should be right back into the swing of things. Why? Because I no longer have to worry about the bar, their behavior in the bar, or having to work there ever again. And because some of them commented that it will be nice to see me smile now. And honestly, after reviewing what I “used” to do for the club & bar, and what I now do, there’s no reason I shouldn’t go there and have the time of my life.

The “situation” that led to my not working there & those involved in telling me do NOT make me interested in going there… They handled it badly. Perhaps against all employment laws, but still, I’m hurt by their evasion. I don’t want to give that bar any more money than minimally possible. But then I want to go and be that patron that doesn’t tip well, but doesn’t tip as bad as some people.

I’m honestly ok with not working there. Working a 9-5 and then working till 4am every other weekend was hard on me. Physically, emotionally… I wanted to find a way out of it, and being forced out, has led me in other directions, so I hope it works out & I make it happen. I’m also EXCITED that the next time the ruggers decide to venture to other bars or on a bar crawl – I can GO. I don’t have to stay behind to work. Or stay behind because it’s what I “do.” I won’t do that anymore. I may not be able to afford it many times, but I’ll make it as much as possible.

I also want to want to go there for my social media friends. Those who walked in, fell in love with it, and met me there every time I went there. Working or not. They loved that place, as I still do (for different reasons, now), and it kills me to take that away from me and them.

This all comes up because apparently everyone goes there on Thursdays. And this Thursday is the night before Good Friday, when many of us don’t have to work. I can still, to this day, remember my first night before Good Thursday, 7 years ago. It was fun. And dang if I don’t have to work on Friday and kinda want to hang out…

I’d like to prove those who were jerks to me wrong. I’d like to find a way to be bigger than them, better than them. To figure out a way that I can go there, along with all my friends, and then go where ever we want to… home, another bar, but spend just a small time there. Does that make sense?

A friend left a comment yesterday that made me really feel what I already was starting to feel. Embrace what is coming next. It may be a blessing. He said what I felt behind the bar cannot be replaced, and honestly, I’m not sure right now that I want that. I want what the new things I’m doing to replace that. Because it’s different.

And, honestly, I want to go there so I can watch the deterioration of what I worked on, and while I might be upset by it, it will NOT be my fault, and I will be laughing my ass off at what they turned away.

So what do you think? When should I go back? And when do you want to go back with me in force?



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8 04 2009

i can only imagine the difficult controversy and initial pain in returning there, but i think the other ruggers are spot on. you should go and enjoy yourself and your team! even if you just go for socials after games, you aren’t spending much money since you already paid your club dues, and you can play the emotions game or the vegetables game…or even mafia if zach brings the cards. then you can go home and go to bed at 9pm like me!

seriously, after all you’ve done to support the club administratively over the years, you deserve a rocking chair in that place where you can just sit back and relax and enjoy yourself. and once i’m more mobile/agile, if you want you can just stay sitting at a table and i’ll go up and get your drink order for you if asshat is in the premises. i don’t mind not tipping him at all!

8 04 2009

One) What is the vegetables game? Two) Funny you mention Zach since he’s the one who commented about me smiling! Three) I think I might be stopping in on Thursday night after practice. Maybe.

8 04 2009
Uncle Crappy

You’re the only person who can answer question No. 1. For question No. 2, the answer is easy, at least for me — when you say you’re ready, I will be too.

8 04 2009

If you want to feel funky feel free…
As a member of possibly both (positive) factions, and not being employed member of the Evil Empire the choice lies with you…
If you want to go grab a beer (or other more suitable adult beverage as the palate may desire) you should carpe drinkem. Chances are you’ll always have a friend or two unknowingly already there, and a dozen or more on Thursdays.
When caught in the conundrum of another establishment ensnaring your intentions, a text or a tweet is all thats needed to have some friends there too. As much fun as that place allegedly is, the only reason people go on Thursdays is because thats where people go. Some in attendance would much rather frequent other establishments on occasion (and commonly due)(Look at the summer 7’s bar tour that almost never hits you know where).
As for everyone else, I don’t think anyone won’t go there just because you are not there (unless you asked them too nicely) but I think that many will go less and some not at all simply because when the reason to go is no longer there, the desire ceases to exist. When you are the draw the demand is wherever you are… Which is one reason crawls are so popular, its not the place that matters, its the people that do (although if the place serves copious amounts of bacon laced hor’dourves and other delicious edible entreties I am not opposed to giving extra consideration). As for the crawls, you should have no worries, since the dawn of time those on the crawl have followed the hallowed brew code (all apologies to Barney Stinson) and rule #43 explicitly states, no thirsty comrade will be left drinkless in the field of play. Seriously, after all the people you hooked up over your tenure, I don’t think it’s a question of whether you can afford the crawl, but whether you can afford to not wake up until the next afternoon still climbing from the jaws of beast…
As for the return, you make the call, and I’m sure others will follow. Show up for a drink or two, than wander to other pastures as usual, some greener, some leaner, but still carrying the same cadre of enlightenment and entertainment from place to place. And if you decide on some wild dark day want to frustrate them at the old home place, a bar crawl entering and placing a giant mass cola order would be sure to bewilder, befuddle and bedarned. (No actual discussion on cola profit margins needed…its the imagery and symbolism…)

Ed. Note : Look at French Quarter and his current emotions over leaving his previous place of residence. Its sad to see something you made successful deteriorate in front of your eyes, but it definitely puts a smile on your face when you know that you were obviously the link that made it work.

8 04 2009

Going back to the seen of the crime is always hard. I had a tough time even going to clubs after I left the Boardwalk, and still do. For me it seemed like I had shed a shell that clouded my life from reality, the bar was always my “woobie” , easy money no rules and the most important..I WAS IN CHARGE! I agree that Ruggers is unique and has served us well, but…..this is pittsburgh there are a ton of local beer 7 shot bars with all kinds of themes. You are now no longer forced to “settle” or “accept” what Ruggers has/had to offer. But Keep it close to your heart cuz it will forever be in your mind and soul.
My opinion isn’t worth much but, I would use Ruggers as a launching pad for all south side social activities and bar hopping adventures. Show them all the people that would stay at ruggers if you were there, but are going to leave WITH YOU to patronize another (less jaded) establishment. Cause you can.
There is a downfall with this entire situation….$$money$$. The bar kpt easy “cash” in hand all the time. This is no longer the case and I’m sure you spent $0.00 for drinks for yourself (and many close friends) when you were there. This is why you go back..to keep your “tab” and “status” in the FREE to minimal range. Thats also why you always start there it will be cheaper than most places and the money (tip) usually goes to somebody you like rather than management or “that guy”.
Well, hey gotta go, I think the greatful dead said it best, “keep on truckin'”

8 04 2009

just realized @demunz is logged in as PCPGH PROMO…oops!

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