Hi there…

13 04 2009

I’m alive. But my laptop, sadly, is not. Which means few posts will be up here until it’s fixed or I get a new one.

I’m seriously lost w/o my laptop at home. It’s insane. I am so dependent on that machine for rugby stuff, record keeping, blogs, email etc.

So for now, I’m spending a LOT of time sewing. This is good, because I have a few orders for bibs & such already! Yay!!!!

But it’s bad, because I miss my little electronic brain… I haven’t even given thought to HOW MUCH stuff is on that hard drive because I’m afraid that I’ll freak out & start crying.  Please cross your fingers that I find a way to retrieve all the data on my current hard drive. Because if I lose that data? Wooo boy is it going to be a very very bad day.




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