18 04 2009

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m back… well, on my laptop for now, at least. My technicians and I are not sure that my hard drive will survive much more, but for now HERE I AM!!! At home, with my laptop on my lap, after a long night of various work efforts… I have a match tomorrow and should be in bed, but really… My laptop is ALIVE again. So I’m sure all of you will forgive my initial sleepiness tomorrow…. Oh, and I’m so freaking happy because of this!

From now on, said laptop will be known as Albert. Why? Well, because it’s my grandfather’s name… And he was as tough as they come…. So I’m honestly trying to somehow give some of the family willpower to my little machine….  Maybe I should just tell him that instead of all of you… But I really do love this laptop… I have no idea how I survived – even before Twitter, blogging etc. – without Albert. But I did – I made it work. Libraries, work PC, the bar’s PC… whatever. But this laptop is obviously my favorite thing in the world.

And if Albert will cooperate with me, I promise that I will buy/receive an external hard drive by or for my birthday. Ok, Albert? Can we be friends and take things slow and rebuild our love affair? Please? Please? I’m begging here…. I missed you soooo much… I love you dearly. Yes, my new cell phone does allow me to do some things online, but not like you. It doesn’t even compare to you. Not even close…

Albert could have totally died on me… but I think he knows he holds ALL KINDS of important info… 26GB to be exact. A bazillion pictures… family stuff… and every single rugby related doc that I SEEN or worked on in the past 7 years. Newsletters, agendas, meeting minutes, address lists, Coopers Lake reports & plans, Brewfest reports & plans, every single logo we use for every event…. If old Albert decided to die, the rugby club & I would have a slight problem re-creating what is stored here.

So, please, Albert, work with me here and allow me to continue on my merry way with my social media, Yinz Team, blogging and even more important, the eventual Etsy shop. Please.

Please. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you. Love love love love love love love. Cannot live without. I’m not kidding. Please?

Albert – if you leave me, how else are we going to see Lili & NE’s baby and make sure that he/she knows us and recognizes us??? Seriously. Failing now is out of the question. Please.

And speaking of that baby… I’m asking, begging all of you to get your butts over to my page (link below) on the Burgh Moms & Dads March Of Dimes Walk and give me a buck or $2… I’m only asking to raise $50, yo. That’s NOTHING!!!

I’m on the push/pull/carry crew, but that date? It’s my sister’s due date and God please bless my family and Lili & NE with a healthy kid.

And after I walk/push/pull/carry??? I’m gonna go play rugby.




One response

20 04 2009
Burgh Baby

*waves to Albert*

Look at you! You smashed your goal already! Woohoooo!

I have to remember to tell you the story of what happened Saturday. It’s one for the Husbands Suck Chronicles, that’s for sure.

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