20 04 2009

What does 80 minutes of rugby + hanging out at My Living Room + a Sunday baseball game equal? Me feeling like I was hit by a truck & in a complete state of exhaustion. Wow.

I played a full 80 minutes on Saturday. Which I usually try to avoid. Like the plague. BUT this time I played 2nd row. 2nd row!! My “dream” positon! I guess I did okay, I’m not sure. I scored a try and made it through the game, so I will count this as a success.

As we were leaving the field, I got a surprise visit from UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy, who were just returning from a trip to Athens, Ohio. I’m so very jealous… But they stopped by to drop off a gift they picked up for me. A gift that is so totally cool I can’t even explain it. You’ll see what it is in a bit, when Uncle Crappy makes a 2nd appearance in the weekend’s festivities…

I spent the rest of the evening at My Living Room with my teammates. I should have spent the evening in bed sleeping, but whatever. I ended up picking up a sewing job – making curtains for a friend. Sweet!

UncleCrappy came down to visit and hang out with FF and I… Always a fun time. But this time he managed to somehow get me to do something I’ve never done and swore I would never do. An Irish Car Bomb.


And we have a photo to commemorate the occasion… That’s me choking down said car bomb. It wasn’t awful. Just not something I’ve ever done. And I’m pretty sure I was still feeling the effects of it during the day Sunday. Do you see that shirt I’m wearing??? THAT is what the Crappys brought back from Athens for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for that shirt and how awesome it is.

I managed to somehow drag my butt out of bed and get down to the baseball game on Sunday. I didn’t watch much of the game, but I did get to witness some ridiculous drama. Rough. And that’s all we’ll say about that.

Thanks to my mom and the wonderful Calipanthergrl, I’ve met and EXCEEDED my goal for the March of Dimes. I know, $50 wasn’t much to hope for, but I appreciate their generosity. If you’re feeling generous, click on the image below and donate a few more bucks to the cause! Or join me!



7 responses

20 04 2009
Uncle Crappy

A couple things:

1) This wouldn’t be the first time it’s been suggested that I’m a bad influence.

2) I was unaware of any commitment on the part of AA to never try a car bomb; I do recall, though, that AA didn’t protest. She might have looked at me a bit funny, but that was it. And, to be fair, I didn’t really give her much of a choice.

3) Hey — cool shirt.

20 04 2009

lol. hysterical. I didn’t protest. But in all honesty, I could probably be convinced to do another one at some point… it wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked.

21 04 2009
Burgh Baby

These are the things that happen when you start hanging with the Crappy’s.

22 04 2009

We’ll have to car bomb it up next time we’re together.

22 04 2009

oh great… although might seem appropriate since YOU were involved in my first beer pong drunken adventure.

24 04 2009

March if Dimes is a great cause! I linked your March Of Dimes Page, as well as your blog to my page post. I can’t attend but I will definitely support as best as I can.

24 04 2009
Uncle Crappy

PghRugbyRef: I like the way you think, my friend.

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