Derby Tank Top!

22 04 2009

So next weekend, I’m going to the Kentucky Derby. I know, right?? I might be looking forward to this just a tiny bit. And, I’m going with Calipanthergrl, who has definitely proven her ability to provide a good time and be a great friend. So, we’re looking at a great weekend. (Shut up. Just let me jump up & down & be excited already, ok???)

Anyway, my fashion skills are never up to par. I’m a fashion moron. So I couldn’t figure out what the heck I was going to wear. I still have a whole weekend of things to come up with, but for the Derby itself, I decided to make a tank top I found online. When I finish it, I’ll give the link.

The fabric:


That isn’t a perfect representations of it… the green is a little more “lime” – as in the color of the “arm holes” below…. whooowheee!!!


I’m not sure a pasty white girl with a stupendous bruise on her upper arm (it’s so bad, I can’t even take a picture of it yet) should even think of wearing these colors, but what the heck. I’ll probably be wearing shorts or – oh the shock – a skirt – with this, so all my bruises will be out there in the air in all their hard-earned glory. Maybe by then they’ll be fading and MATCH the green… yes, this is what we’re hoping for…

UncleCrappy said I have to have a hat… well, if you can find a Cowboy Hat in that exact lime green, well, I’ll wear it. Heck, you find me a royal blue cowboy hat, I’ll wear it every chance I get. But that’s another story.

And if all goes well, in one of the next few weekends, providing it fits, I’m going to rock a certain dress I just remembered I have. Let’s just say it’s Winchester pink & green. Lili knows what I’m talking about.

Let’s cross our fingers that the dress fits and I can shock everyone into falling over. Just sayin’….

More on the tank top to come Friday or so… sweet.




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23 04 2009
Burgh Baby

You are becoming quite the domestic goddess!

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