Can I order a birthday cake made of bacon?

24 04 2009

Just a reminder that Fashion Forward has asked me to notify all of our friends out there in the Twitterverse that this coming Tuesday is his birthday. To celebrate, we will be heading to Bacon Night at the Harris Grill. So this, Tweeple, is your warning. FF will be guest posting on here in the next few days and will provide you with more info.


I leave work today at 5pm… I leave for DC tonight around 7pm. Somehow in those two hours I have to drop off a prescription at Walgreen’s, drive home, pack everything I need for a weekend of rugby, Super Woman & sewing, wait for BG to get dropped off, pick up the prescription at Walgreen’s, and then make it to Monroeville. Yeah. Right.

I may attempt to post updates here on our tournament, depending on how things go. Since my phone doesn’t like to cooperate, you may see the same post 30 gazillion times. Just warning you now.

Have a fun weekend y’all. The Angels will be kicking butt in DC on your behalf.




5 responses

27 04 2009

Bacon Apple Pie:

The baker here at work made this for me, I think it needed more bacon!

27 04 2009

Maybe you should have shots of Bacon Vodka:

27 04 2009
Uncle Crappy

PghRugbyRef: This is the one I need to try. I’d had to do it on a weekend when Mrs. Crappy has left me unsupervised, though:

27 04 2009

OMG. That? Is awesome. Where in the world did you find cinnamon bacon though?

28 04 2009

Uncle Crappy: Yummy! I need to try that one too.

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