I’m so damn nervous. And excited.

29 04 2009

This post almost took on a howimetyourrugger feel – it started out super long. But I’m breaking it down for ya ’cause there was too much going on.

First things first: Last weekend was awesome. I am SO happy I made myself go to the tournament last weekend. I’ll write more about this later, but let’s just say I’m finally “getting” the game. Only took 11 years and being over 30. Gee, that’s great…

Second, I head to the Kentucky Derby this weekend. Wow. Just wow. More on this later also.

What’s really gnawing at me right now is that my sister is going to have the baby any time in the next two weeks basically. Oh, and HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO POSSIBLY HANDLE NOT LIVING IN FLORIDA AND NOT SEEING THIS BABY EVERY WAKING SECOND OF EVERY DAY!??!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

A few nights ago, I wandered to Facebook, and shed a few tears… My sister changed her profile picture. Lili is ADORABLE. Always. That’s just how she rolls. But her new picture?? Killing me.

lol, do you like that swirl? i wanted to just crop the pic, but the waves and the beach totally make the picture better, plus this is where I hung out with my sister the last time we went to the beach.

If I hadn’t taken care to protect my sister’s face, you’d cry too. Just imagine her looking down at that cute enormous belly… NE had a bad Monday and I sent him a message that said ” I think if you look at your wife’s new profile picture, you might smile like crazy. Just sayin…. :-)” And his response? “That will make anyone smile. Thanks.” Do I need to remind you why I love my brother in law? The answer is NO! Isn’t he super?

But really, we’re entering baby-coming-whenever-it-wants-time. And I’m so damn nervous. And excited. And nervous. And excited. I guarantee that I will cry and jump up and down and probably scream some kind of “squeeeeeeeeeeee” when I find out that baby is born. I just hope that in the craziness of it all they remember that I should be notified via text, phone, smoke signal, telegram, whatever means necessary to let me know when this baby has decided to join us. I’m prepared to be woken up in the middle of the night, or get the notice at work, at the Derby, or at the March for Babies or during that rugby game afterward… Really, if I’m playing rugby or busy, someone will have my phone, just in case.

I CAN’T WAIT for this baby. In a month & a half I’ll be in Florida holding and helping to care for this baby. Do you know how terrifying that is for a rugby player who is sort of careless with herself? Yeah. Scary. I know it will be fine, because we all know I like a challenge and I’m pretty sure being Super Aunt is a pretty big challenge. So I’m ready. Bring it.



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