Happy Meal Toys

29 05 2009

I’m a ridiculous fan of Happy Meal Toys. I used to take them to the bar, I have some on my desk at work and I have a box full of them underneath my desk at work. All of which I obtained well over 3 months ago and before. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in  a LONG time.

Tonight at sevens practice, right when it started to rain, I left practice to drop off a Little C and Me product on the North Side for Dennis. After spending way, way too much time at lights in Bellevue (I love Bellevue, but seriously, this one light – at a strange 3-way plus California Ave intersection – cycled three times & my light didn’t turn green. Annoying.) I managed to not pay attention and ended up over in the Perrysville area of North Hills.

I was starving by the time I ended up there and decided on a McD’s Happy Meal… The toy theme? The new “Nights at the Museum – Battle of the Smithsonian” movie. When I got home, I opened up the little toy. And I immediately thought of Creation Rex. (Now, Rex, I’m just posting this to be informative. Don’t come after the messenger, and all that..)

If you’d like, I can save the Happy Meal toy so you can gnaw on it yourself. Or I can take a hammer to it, your choice, of course.


It comes with a “trading card…”


I’m sure Rex is not very happy about this, and like I said, he can have it or I can smash it with a hammer on his behalf.

But wait, it gets more ridiculous. The “Rexy” toy? Yeah, it, um, walks…

Well, let’s be honest, this version of “Rexy” doesn’t quite walk as stumble. Or something. I don’t know.

And yes, you are seeing that right. When “Rexy” walks, he has his trading card stuck back near his hip joint. Yes. There’s a little wind-up piece on there. You turn it and nothing happens. Yet, when you insert the trading card in the indicated slot, he walks. I kid you not – proof is at HappyMeal.com (you have to click on “Next” and cycle through two or three other toys until you reach “Rexy.” Then, click on “Demo.”)

So, Rex, let me know what you want me to do with this thing, ok?

Logos for Little C and Me

28 05 2009

I wasn’t going to do this, but when I asked a small group of people to vote on which of these they liked the best, I ended up with equal votes for all of the choices… So, sorry to ask some of you twice.

So here we go. These are potential logos for Little C and Me. There are two different designs and the difference within the designs is just the font. I plan to use this on the Etsy site and for tags that I hope to put on whatever I make for the shop…

Please take a second and let me know which one you like the best. I’ll leave this up through sometime late Friday night.

And the candidates are:

Option #1

Option #1

Option #2

Option #2

Option #3

Option #3

Option #4

Option #4

13 Days, Summer Rugby, and some other stuff…

28 05 2009

1. Little C

  • At this time in two weeks, I will have met and stared at my Little C for 3-4 hours.
  • This, and other things, makes me giddy. Yes, giddy. It’s about time I had my turn “staring” at Little C while she is awake, asleep, whatever.
  • But what also makes me excited is seeing C & D again and taking care of them. I love them soooo much. I have a feeling I’ll get a superb welcome from each of them.
  • I would NOT be surprised if I’m kept up all night by a needy C who wants to be petted and loooved.
  • Reminder to myself: you should stop by PetSmart on the way to the Airport…
  • Apparently I’ll be seeing my mom when I visit my sister & Little C. I won’t go into why, but unfortunately my dad can’t come. I freaking miss my dad. I haven’t seen him since Christmas.
  • And on top of that, a very important anniversary is coming up next Thursday, and it’d be really nice to see my dad.

2. 7s RUGBY!!

  • Thursday night one of my favorite things about rugby starts… Summer touch rugby. I can’t wait! Summer touch is what makes me want to play competitive league matches in the fall. We play men & women together in the summer… And honestly, some of the guys (esp. new ones & college ones) don’t really expect us women to know what we’re doing. So we have to work for it… And I just love proving them wrong. Especially as I’m getting older. (I’m sorry, but a 33yr old lazy not-very-in-shape woman shouldn’t really be able to outrun a college kid… Just sayin.)
  • Summer touch practices happen RAIN OR SHINE. Honestly, I love the ones when it rains. There’s usually 1/4 to 1/3 of who are normally there, if that. And gawd is it fun. Hook slide, anyone?
  • Summer also means 7s tournaments. 7 people per team, 7 minutes per half, all on a “regular-sized” rugby field. OMG it’s rough… But it’s so much fun. 7s is where I play prop and hooker. Or sometimes scrum half. Or fly half. Or center. There’s only 7 of us out there, after all… We’re going to Morgantown on June 20th. Last year I was asked to play on a team that had played together for the previous three years and WON. And guess what? We won again!

7s champs

3. My dumb apartment building

  • I came home tonight to find a small issue with the front screen door to my building. It was broken. It’s a lever handle, and the “lever” had broken off right at the point where the rest of the handle connects to the door – right where I’ve drawn that red line below. Opening the door was fun.

door handle

  • And then I noticed the “rest” of the lever just sitting there on the ground. Which means some jerk-off in my building, broke the handle, left the rest on the ground and just came on inside and went about his business.
  • Being “me,” I went to my apartment, grabbed some super glue and fixed the door temporarily. I put up a sign to be careful with it and called the landlord. I live in a crazy building with crazy people. There’s only one person in the building that I consider even close to normal. Yes, it’s fun.
  • And what I fixed is already broken. Again.

4. Other random thoughts…

  • I’ve been catching up on the sewing I need to do for the Little C Etsy shop. Or trying to…
  • I’ve finally had to give up on that “big” job I had that would be on-going. Turns out my sewing machine just can’t handle it. The job is more meant for an industrial machine, and mine certainly isn’t.

5. Back to Little C (cause that’s what I’m all about right now)

  • WHO in their right mind, would NOT want to see these:
  • Small, but gigantic tiny hands… Look at those tendons showing on her middle and ring finger!!! I found someone to give my HUGE mittens and gloves to, I think…


  • And these feet… Thank god I’ll be there to make her feel better when someone tells her she has “boats” for shoes… (yes, someone told me that as a child…)


  • My poor sister is going to have a child taller than her perhaps when Little C is three. I’m not kidding. She’s on her way up, people. And I can’t wait to see it.
  • I have a plan – we’re going to do a hand and foot comparison between me & Little C each time I see her. She might outgrow even me!
  • But no matter what, I’m pretty sure I’m totally terrified I’ll fall in love with her more than I am right now, and I’ll never want to return to the ‘Burgh.
  • That last bullet? Is a totally reality folks. I might never want to leave Florida after this trip. I already miss my parents, my sister, D, C and even NE… add my Little C in there? How am I going to come home? How???????? I’m not kidding. Someone tell me how I can be okay with all of this…. I can’t even write about it without tearing up…

Two weeks…

26 05 2009

Two weeks from Wednesday, I’ll be leaving for Florida and finally meeting Little C. I can’t wait.

I have so much to do before I go see her. I have to finish some bibs & burp cloths that I started way-back-when. And I have to finish this little dress. Isn’t it ADORABLE??



Recognize the fabric? Yeah, Little C and I will have a matching dress/tank top combo. We’re cool like that.

The dress isn’t done yet. It still needs zig zag rick-rack along all the edges. Same color as the buttons. (This was my FIRST attempt at sewing button holes, and it was a grand success! Yay!) And I have to make a cute little daiper cover thingy. But geez, this dress is even better than I expected. Granted, it’s probably WAY too big for her, but I’d rather that than too small!!

I received an email from my mom last night, just after a new round of pictures of Little C was sent by my sister. Based on what my mom said, I’m either never coming home from this visit, or I’m going to have to deal with looking like I’ve been crying my face off every day because I miss her…

This is going to be rough, people…

16 days…

25 05 2009

That is all.

17 days and stuff…

24 05 2009
  • So 17 days till Little C. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
  • I finally played #8 today… And I’d love to expand on that… But…
  • I came home a bit early tonight and rented Twilight from RedBox. I read the book. All four, actually. And I looooved them. And I’m now going to kinda-live blog my watching of the movie…


  • The way they start out with Bella is wrong at first. It just seems wrong.
  • Robert Pattinson or whatever-the-heck-his-name-is IS EDWARD. He IS EDWARD. My sister and I wondered how they would get any actor to portray the way Edward is in the book… And wow. I’m impressed. He’s just the right amount of pale. And his lips? They almost glow red.
  • Right now I’m not super impressed, but Edward? Holy crap.
  • And holy crap the truck scene is fan-fuckingtastic.
  • Dr. Cullen? Holy crap? Can you be wearing more white makeup???? Isn’t he supposed to be super hot? Not so much in the movie? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  • Edward – Robert Pattinson… I don’t know who I expected to play that role… but I’m entirely in love with him as Edward. Really. Haaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwttttttt.
  • Ok. I might like whoever the heck plays Bella too… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Jacob, however is not HOT. AT ALL. Ewwwww……
  • But when Jacob & Bella walk on the beach and things are revealed? Totally awesome.
  • I might take back what I said about books made into movies. MIGHT.
  • Yep. I take it back. And I might be in love with Edward… Probably.
  • Robert Pattinson has a strange nose. Just sayin’.
  • Totally take it back… BUT this just might be the way that Robert Pattinson is playing Edward. It’s amazing. Unreal.
  • Ooooooooooooooooh. Like Edward. Not Bella. Not much. At all.
  • Don’t like Bella’s dad either… He’s not so much a big, burly lumberjack type as I thought he would be…
  • It’s really amazing how they try to make Edward “glow” like he does in the book…  and when he’s in sunlight. It’s like diamonds. Nice effects.
  • Hmmmm. I kind of like this…. A lot.
  • Aw, crap, new pics of Little C are posted. I’m totally in love and forgot about blogging the movie… Sorry kids.

18 days…

23 05 2009

Really, only 18 more days? We’re so close to 2 weeks now… I might freak out at the 2 week mark… except I have nothing to pack except for hang out clothes, and one “be seen in public” outfit since I talked to Lili tonight and told her I’d rather sew a quilt for her best friend’s baby rather than a bib & burp cloth.

Sewing a bib & burp cloth for her just didn’t seem right. I’ve known her forever it seems, and I just couldn’t accept making a bib for her – even though I was okay with it being for the Cleveland Browns!! This friend deserves more… So we’re going to make a quilt happen…

I will be playing rugby tomorrow. Not softball practice. Although I’d rather be playing softball. Even though I have zero softball skills, and comparably 100% rugby skills, if you will… but I have this commitment thing and guilt thing that are teaming up to make tomorrow miserable for me.

So, since I know all of you who read this feel my pain, I watched the pilot of Glee the other night, and not surprisingly, me being a band nerd & all, I loved it… (btw, my school’s Jazz Band? Did NOT look like the ones they trot out on this show…) BUT more importantly, they sang a song by Journey. A song we all know and love. A song I’d love to go back & hear a certain person perform @ karaoke. Just sayin’…

So, for your viewing pleasure:

I have a feeling that not just the band nerd in me is going to love this show… These are the things that make me hate that I gave up music. Really.

And please, if you like me at all, you should try to watch… isn’t it about time we start to appreciate HS music stuff? The answer is YES. And I’m not kidding.

Music needs to be in schools. All schools. And be taught well. Because when you get that bug? It helps you. Believe me.