I hear bells ringing…

1 05 2009

Ok, so tomorrow @Calipanthergrl, her friend and I leave for Kentucky and the Derby. Yay! I’m so excited.

I’m packed. I think. I’ve taken way too many clothes. But something is different… I’ve packed ONE pair of jeans. ONE pair of capris to wear on the way home perhaps. ONE T-SHIRT. 20 kagillion dressier tops. A DRESS &  TWO SKIRTS. NO tennis shoes. Only ONE pair of Crocs flip-flops which I’m wearing in the car, thankyouverymuch.

A dress, people. Two skirts. I am not kidding when I say I can’t remember the last time I wore a skirt or dress. But I’m making a major effort this weekend. I might come back and be all girly… ok maybe not. Skoal didn’t believe that either when I told him. Lol.

But hey, I’m a tshirt and jeans and tennis shoes/flip flops kind of girl,and I’m totally making an effort this weekend to not only be “normal” but to wear a dress and not do anything that would make my mother say, “Please act like a lady.” Well, here’s hoping, right?

I tried to work on my “BIG” project the past two nights – but I surprisingly ran out of black thread and haven’t had time to go to Joann’s while I get ready for the Derby. So, I’ve spent the past few nights on a special project for one of the rugby guys. (I don’t really have a name for him yet, so deal with it.) A while back a team from Canada came to visit and when they were at My Living Room they had this hat with bells on it. When they shook the hat and rang the bells everyone had to freeze. Exactly where they were…. mid-drink… mid-conversation… you get the idea… This rugby guy said he’d love to have that hat. I told him if he’d pay for materials, I’d make it. And he agreed.



It took me a few weeks to come up with a pattern, but I found one… and then modified it a bit. And added certain elements we needed to have. It HAD to be black & gold, so it took me a while to find fabrics that were appropriate. I settled on denim. Who knew they had yellow/gold denim…

Start of the outside of "the hat"

Start of the outside of "the hat"

Finally tonight I finished the inside part of the hat and attaching it to the outside… I have one 4″ seam to sew up and it will be complete… Well, except for the bells. I started sewing them on tonight and I swear the ringing was driving me crazy… So we have 3 of 6 bells done….

It will be done very, very, very soon. And I’ll put this out there now – this project was ridiculous. Denim is rough to sew when you’re dealing with fabric, interfacing all doubled or quadrupled up. Oh, and remember the Ring Toy of Death? Yeah, this thing involved lots of sewing arcs… Rough…

I’m setting up rules regarding this hat – amendments are allowed, if necessary, and will be announced here: 1) only this rugby guy is allowed to use/wear the hat; 2) I’m the only person allowed to steal it from him on any given night for sewing explanations or modeling purposes.

The almost-done Hat

The almost-done Hat




2 responses

1 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

I might need a scarlet and grey version of this for football season.

2 05 2009
Burgh Baby

You? Are nuts. But we already knew that. 😉

Hope you’re having a blast at the Derby!

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