Kentucky Derby 2009 – part one

3 05 2009

This past weekend, I went to the Kentucky Derby with Calipanthergrl and three of her friends. I drove down with CPG & one of the girls. I’m breaking this up into two posts. Check back tomorrow for another one with more pictures!

Our trip to the Kentucky Derby really began with a trip to a place called the Liquor Barn. Remember those pictures I posted from the liquor store in Florida? Yeah, this place was even better.


I think we spent 2 hours there… we’re easily distracted, obviously.



But we finally made it out of there. With a cart full of purchases:


We made it to the hotel and needed TWO carts to get our stuff to the room. For three people.


The other two Derby-goers arrived later that night and we woke the next morning and were at Churchill Downs and setting up our spot by 8am.




Our selected location was awesome. Turn two. Right by the fence.

Starting gate for the first race. See how close we are?

Starting gate for the first race. See how close we are?


The start of the Mint Juleps!

The start of the Mint Juleps!

After the second race, two of us headed to the Paddock area to see the horses & jockeys up close.





When we got back to the infield, it looked a bit different….


Check back tomorrow to see pictures of the rowdy turn 3 area, pictures from the “big” race, some craziness that we saw and some other fun & interesting things.

By the way, if you sent me a text or Tweet and I didn’t reply, it’s because the cell service down there, especially for AT&T customers, gets really jammed up. That tends to happen when you have 150,000 people in the same area.



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3 05 2009

So that’s why your reply to my pens txt msg were like an hour behind. haha! Cant wait to see the pictures!

3 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

A lime green hat? Who knew they made such things?

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