My Last Unknowns…

7 05 2009

I found out at practice tonight that I will be playing at my final un-played position in our game on Saturday. Eight man.

8-Eightman (aka Number 8, or Eighthman) Appropriately
named the number 8, the Eightman sits at the back of the
pack (literally the eighth man to fit into the scrum) and,
like Flankers, will be looking for loose balls and then
supporting his backs when on the attack. Another key
responsibility is controlling the ball at the back of the
scrum for the scrum half once it has been won or picking
the ball up himself from the back of the scrum to charge up
the field or pass to his scrum half to try and create an
overload. From The RugbyRugby Guide

Our coach said, “Well, this makes 15 for you.” Which is entirely true since I played second row not once but two or three games now this season… And when I commented that it meant I was done playing, he said he might reconsider. We were both kidding. He knows he’s not getting rid of me until I HAVE to quit…

This means that by 3pm or so Saturday, I’ll have played every position on the field, in some type of competitive match – 7s & 10s tournaments and 15s matches… That’s a lot of rugby time. I don’t think there’s much I haven’t done as a player – and I don’t know what to think about this. But I guess that means my getting this jersey as a kind of joke a few years ago  now makes sense…


Which number am I? We can never predict that with certainty...

I’d go into more of what I think about this, but I’m saving it for something else. Let’s just say I hope to have someone take a few pictures of me playing there..

And while I’m at it… BIG BABY NEWS…The big, big last unknown…

I texted my sister on Tuesday and asked if she had told her big ol’ belly that it was time – everyone out here is ready.  Super Aunt is ready. She said she had, but that the baby was being stubborn and refusing to come out. I replied that the baby is already taking after her – stubborn. It’s true. I’m not kidding.

I spoke to my sister tonight. She’s got a 50-60% chance of having the baby this weekend. If not? She’s being induced on Monday. Which means by sometime Tuesday at the latest, I’ll be an official Super Aunt.

So whomever has that camera will probably have my cell phone too. I’d be lying if I said that being on phone-call-coming-any-time status doesn’t freak me out. It does. So much so that it isn’t even real for me yet. YET.

I REALLY wish I could be there in person for my sister – not exactly to be in there when she has the baby, but to run interference for her with my parents and the in-laws. We discussed this at length tonight. But it’s okay, because my sister? She won’t pull any punches telling people what she wants. She’ll tell them to get the hell out if she has to. Even if it’s my mom. I am expecting to have to calm my mother down via phone when this all goes down.

This also means that when I visit in June? The baby will celebrate its ONE MONTH birthday. Um…. Yeah…. a little freaked out to be around a baby that TINY!!! But in reality, I CAN”T FREAKING WAIT!!!

Let’s get things moving, Baby, cause I’m ready and so are your mom & dad. (We won’t even discuss your grandparents, cause they are a special breed of insanity right now waiting for your arrival.)


My eight man role on Saturday will be dedicated to this baby, Maddie and the March of Dimes… please donate if you haven’t yet… the link is there in the right column on my site. DO IT!!! You know you want to!! Just $1 will help. I swear!!



2 responses

8 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

Who’s going to be calming you down?

8 05 2009

Hah. If I have to talk to my mom while my sister is having the baby, it won’t even register with me that I should be freaking out.

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