Saturday Was A Great Rugby Day!

10 05 2009

On Saturday, I started my day walking the March of Dimes Walk for Babies. I got to see several friends, including UncleCrappy, BurghBaby and FatherSpoon (and my tiny boyfriend Teaspoon!!!!!) And I made several new friends, including TehJack and his mom, TehAmy. Both spectacular people.

Thanks to Uncle Crappy for this photo...

Thanks to Uncle Crappy for this photo...

I didn’t get to walk very long, because I had to leave to play my rugby game. I didn’t play eight man like I thought, but I did play the full game. We rushed out of there for our social and then to our men’s match versus our local rivals.

Our men played fantastic. They won, 18-15 in the A side and something like 51-7 in the B side. This is the first time they’ve won against this team in at least 8 years. Probably longer. I haven’t talked much about the men on here, but I’m seriously proud of them for winning this weekend and playing so well. They have a great group of guys and it finally came together for them. I’ve been watching these guys play for over 7 years now. And I’m so happy for them. Congratulations guys:






We then went on a ridiculous bar crawl. See my Facebook page for pictures…

Oh, and no baby yet. Lili will be induced tomorrow morning. I’ll keep everyone updated during the day via Twitter.




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