Little C

11 05 2009

The baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHE is here. Finally. It’s a girl. And it took her dang long enough. My sister was induced at 7:30am this morning. Little C was born at 9:21pm tonight. She really did not want to come see yet, apparently!! She was 7 1/2 lbs, 20 3/4 inches. And she – just like her mom & Aunt – has a full head of black hair. Lol.

Little C is how she will be called here. And , no, she is not named after me, but she does have the same first two initials – CE. And her name is adorable!! My sister managed to fit a family name from our family in there. A French name. So freaking sweet!!!! Lili and NE did a great job.

I’m waiting for pictures. My mom hadn’t seen the baby yet when she called. NE had just come out to tell the grandparents the basic info. But I’m betting that Little C will have gorgeous big eyes and chubby cheeks and long eyelashes like my sister did. She’s going to be gorgeous. I just know it.(Talked to my sister – big eyes, long eyelashes and long toes. lol)

I’m so excited. I’m in tears. Happy for sure, but sad too… I’m so sad that I’m here and not there.

But you know what’s really exciting?? I get to sew all kinds of fun, fancy dresses now… And less than one month from now, I’ll be hanging with Little C and my sister and NE for about a week. I can’t wait… I just wonder if I’ll want to come back….



One response

11 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

Welcome to Aunthood. As an uncle (it’s kind of the same thing) with ten years’ experience, I can tell you it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. And I’m betting you’re going to be a natural. Congratulations again.

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