Need Halp. My heart is in Florida!

12 05 2009

So, my little NIECE has been born. And as I said, I’d wait to name my Etsy shop after the baby. And last night, I named the baby on this blog as Little C. Seriously, no joke, my first and middle name initials? C.E. This baby? Yeah, she’s C.E. too!!!! – not named after me – she’s got two great names that I adore and that are PERFECT for her… She is SO her name. But I’m just going to rename her as my Little C.

So now I need to find an Etsy name involving Little C…. Here’s what I have so far, in no particular order:

1) Little C Studio

2) Little C Sewing Studio

3) Little C Creations

4) Little C and Me

5) Inspired by Little C

6) Big and Little C

So go & vote in the comments. Please…. Because I want to get this set up ASAP before I go and see the baby (you have less than 1 month) and decide to move away to devote my life to pinching her chubby cheeks every 10 minutes of every day. No I am not kidding. If you saw those cheeks, you’d help me pay to move there. Not kidding!!!!!!!!

Oh, and how many times do I have to look at the pictures of Little C till I stop crying? Really…. Cause it’s killing me right now. Three times today total. That’s all I could allow myself since I had to do some real work, go to some rugby practice and sew some things tonight….

I’m going to need help when I get more pictures of her starting to become her true self, rather than preferring to be sleepy and poopy. Lol. Cause that’s when she’s going to reach thru the camera and say, “Aunt Claire, I stole your heart. It’s in Florida. Good luck getting it back.”




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13 05 2009

I have a suggestion – make the name easy. Easy to remember and easy to type. With a moniker like The Rocking Pony, I’ve now gotta type that for every log-in. And with the “The” in front, most people leave that off and then can’t find me in a search. Simplicity would be good.

13 05 2009

My vote is for 4) Little C and Me

13 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

Make that two votes for Little C and Me.

13 05 2009

Thumbs down for 6). Big C = cancer

13 05 2009

Tough one, I like Little C and Me or Big and Little C.

13 05 2009

i like little c and me!

13 05 2009
The Purple Pinkie

My vote is for Little C and Me as well!

13 05 2009

Little C and Me is really cute and catchy. People will remember it and come back and find it again easily.

14 05 2009

Gina – Thank you!

Purple Pinkie (lol – I laugh when I type that – esp now that I’ve met you!) – THANK YOU for being the first to suggest Little C & me!!!! I’ll be in touch shortly since I intend to continue the original offer I gave…

Karen – thank you as well, I tried typing littlecandme a bunch of times today and I’m cool with it. Also, I love Firefox since they fill it in for me 75% of the time!! lol.

Keep an eye out for Little C and Me on Etsy coming soon… if rugby, life, work and other stuff doesn’t get in the way… drooling over pictures of Little C and discussions with Lili and my mom on the subject of the Little C do not count… (there have been many of those and I hope many more…) And god help me when I go visit next month…

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