Stubborn, sleepy Little C…

15 05 2009

Apparently Little C is again like my sister… Stubborn and a great sleeper. Little C just doesn’t want to wake up to eat. At. All. Ever. She just wants to sleep. All the time.

As an adult, who never gets enough sleep, let alone quality sleep? You go ahead and sleep your little head off there, Little C. (Providing you’re not losing weight and will wake up more than a few times a day to eat… let’s be real here) But honestly, you better wake up, cause your Nana & Grand Pa are freaking awesome people and you may as well memorize their faces now while you can. Cause later you’re going to want to bear hug them. Forever.  This is yet another reason why I have a blog. One day, Little C won’t believe what I’m saying and here is my proof! Baaam!

I’m going to tell myself that she is just sleeping because she wishes her Aunt was there to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited over her. I bet that would wake her up… Well, we’ll find out in less than 4 weeks. Here’s hoping. Apparently I will never need to use this to get her to sleep, lol:

I’m so jealous of my mom & dad right now. Now, they totally deserve & have full-on rights to be with Little C now, and really – dad doesn’t get much time with her before my mom steals her back… But when I talked to my mom today she told me when Little C woke up at 5am today she went and just held her.  Grrr… I WANT TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW AND TAKE THE NIGHT SHIFT… PLEASE……………..

Those of you with kids will kill me for this, but I hope Little C is still up all night when I visit. Because I WANT those late night hours with her – that is my time – I never sleep before 1am. My family? All 9pm bedtimes…I’m the perfect late-night babysitter…. And if not, my sister just might find me standing over the crib just staring at Little C. No, I am not kidding. I want as much staring time as I can get.

But, what I wish I had right now is a few pics of her at home… I’ve been asking for pictures – ones where C’s eyes are open and bright. I MUST see those navy blue eyes… But I’m still waiting. And I know they’re all busy… I just want to see what SHE looks like – not that I don’t know, since i have pics from a few hours post-birth, and well, she does look just like Lili…. But I’m new to this – and I’m guessing that little Ms. Gorgeous that I think now, is probably more so now that she’s at home. I’ll have to teach my dad how to upload pics onto the PC and send them so that he can help me out. If my mom keeps stealing Little C from him, I’m sure he has time…

Dangit I JUST WANT TO SEE HER. In. Person. I nearly asked my mom and sister to just put up the video camera on or Skype tonight so I could just watch her do whatever… And ignore my sewing & packing that needed to be done…

Ugh. 26 days people… 26 days till Little C and Me are hanging out…




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