A weekend in Erie, PA

18 05 2009

Q: What do you get when you take five good friends, somehow fit all of them in a Subaru (with a large gift, three tuxedo bags and everyone’s luggage) and hit the road for a wedding in Erie?

A: Entertainment value the likes of which could probably form the basis of a sitcom.

The major memorable events of the weekend:

  1. I was wedged in the back seat with ME & Dilbert. Yeah, that was strange. Just a little. But it resulted in me laughing until near tears and nearly out of breath. God, did I need that.
  2. I got lucky and didn’t have to attend the wedding rehearsal or rehearsal dinner. I did get to attend the meet-up afterward and found a new beer I might be in love with. Really. I – yes, me – bought a full out growler of a beer. Please pick yourselves up off the floor now. Thanks.
  3. Certain friends of mine will quack like a chicken on demand if prodded by certain adorable children. It’s priceless. I swear. They will also do it of their own volition, but the kids way is much more fun…
  4. When you have no A/C, and certain men in your room, this will mean very bad things. Just sayin’. It also may result, due to no fault of our own, in having to move rooms at 2:30am after the wedding and bars afterward. Yeah, that was FUN. I might have fallen over and nearly hit my head based on the weight of things I was carrying. I said may have. Not did.
  5. There are some very bad bars in Erie. I’ve seen them firsthand. There are also some fun places too. But the bad one(s)? They are very, very bad.
  6. Someone showed up right after we woke up with beers for Giggles & Dilbert… It may have been ME. And I may have seen things I don’t want to repeat.
  7. Amazingly enough, we had all 3 boys ready to go and 12:35pm. Amazing. BG and I were definintely running late after that.
  8. BG & I almost stopped for coffee on the way to the reception. Instead, we stopped for a drink at Molly Branigan’s in Erie. Nice.
  9. BG and I ended up at a table FULL of awesome people.
  10. Given alcohol, our boys will apparently dance to anything. For the entire night. And then some. Love it. (And this pic was EARLY in the night!!)
  11. DANCEI had the best food at a wedding – ever… boneless fried chicken, twice baked potatoes and slices of beef cooked till medium… ooh…. tasty. Can I go back and eat that again, please?
  12. I met some new, nice people, including a guy named Rob who literally disappeared on us and took a cab home… to somewhere… we’re not sure of much about him except he now lives in DC… sorry, BG, I failed on that one.
  13. We gave a certain cousin a ride home, thinking he left his car @ the bar. But it was at his condo the entire time. We have no idea how he got to the wedding or the bar, nor where his tux jacket ended up… hmmm….
  14. Erie on a cloudy day Friday and Saturday is not pretty. Erie on a very sunny (although freezing cold) Sunday? Awesome. (Thanks to Giggles for lending me his fleece. I’d be a frozen human if not for that.)
  15. We will be visiting Erie again this summer for camping, fishing and canoeing/kayaking. Indeed.
  16. Oh, and I CAN wear a dress, even with random tan lines, and still look sort-of normal.





3 responses

19 05 2009

oh which bad bars did ya hit?

19 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

After reviewing both posts and both sets of photographs, on the surface it appears our weekends are were fairly even. However, given the fact that your adventures included two days to my one — and given that you didn’t include that one thing on Friday you said you aren’t going to tell us about — I concede.

19 05 2009
Anthony Closkey

Dress looks great.

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