The countdown = 20 DAYS!

20 05 2009


So if  you don’t know me very well, you may not be aware of my addiction to Winnie the Pooh stuff…. It’s bad, well it was… A few years a go… It started in college and went from there… For a while there I was addicted to the Pooh and Friends figurine series. I own 8 of them. I bought 6 of those 8 on eBay. My only eBay purchase ever. The Pooh & Friends series figures retail for $35-50 each. I got mine for seriously less than that…

Microsoft Word - Document1

But anyway, I have a bookcase in my apartment that has about 30 Pooh Bear items on there of various value… I’ve considered selling it all on eBay. But then Little C came along.

I’m thinking the better idea is to give them to her. Starting at the top of that pic, going left to right on each row… With each one telling her something. For ex. when she looks back at the first one, she’ll see I thought she was “tee-rific.”

Because she certainly  is. 20 days people. 20 days. Wahoo!!!!





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