The countdown = 21 DAYS….

20 05 2009

Wow. I wish I could post all the ideas that were in my head earlier. But I came home from work and booted up the renewed (yet again) laptop to do some work on a flyer I agreed to design. (Yeah, I know I’m not a designer, but some people think I’m good at it!)

Only to find Lili had uploaded MORE pics of Little C… And I’m pretty sure my heart and brain melted at the pictures… Good lordy is she a cutie. Hope y’all don’t expect to see me again after mid-June. Seriously…

So now, the countdown…

21 days till I see this little adorable baby….

And my favorite puppy, D, obviously approves of her, or at least approves of investigating her, as you see here:

dewey likes her

Gotta love D for not getting in her face and allowing me to add this pic. And for being a good big doggy sister and just sniffing her leg. Good job D!! We’ll play a little longer than normal when I come babysit you in June just because of this!!! Just keep it up!!

21 days. 21 days… OMG. Tiny, tiny Little C… And you know what? I was terrified of holding a month-old baby a while ago (ok, three days ago), but now? I’m ready. I’m soooo ready.

I’m also ready to be amazed. Bring it on.




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