A smattering of random things. Ep. 2

21 05 2009
  • First off, 19 days… 19 days till I get to FINALLY meet Little C, see Lili & NE and help take care of C & D… I might be slightly excited about this.
  • I’ll also get to see this newborn hairdo… lordy… we might need to schedule a haircut by the time I show up!
Um, yeah, when I visit? Little C will be ONE MONTH old. Geez.

Um, yeah, when I visit? Little C will be ONE MONTH old. Geez.

  • I’ve almost sewn a pair of cafe curtains. . Next up? Two “wing valances.” Yeah, no clue either. I was worried about my ability to even make the cafe curtains, but I’m almost done! Major win! I’ll post pics when they’re done!

Wing valance... uh, yeah...

  • Another sewing project really has me doubting my ability to take on new, different sewing projects. Seriously.
  • I might be entering into a consignment deal for my sewing stuff. Sweeeet!!!
  • I’ve sold 5 more bib/cloth sets and two separate bibs in the past few weeks.
  • My Etsy shop is created, but not yet up & running. But it has a NAME: Little C and Me… it’s here: LittleCandMe.etsy.com
  • I’m going to sew myself this dress… hopefully this summer… we’ll see if that works out…

Can anyone tell me WHY I want to sew a dress like that? There is one single reason...

  • I’m also going to be sewing things for Little C… not sure which pattern or which item yet:



  • Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Yeah, sewing. But also I’ll be spending a lot of time @ Joann’s. I have coupons people. 10% off everything and 40% off regular priced stuff. 5 coupons. The list of things I need is perhaps a mile long.
  • Oh, and did I mention 19 DAYS TILL LITTLE C??? Yes? Well, OH WELL, 19 days people!!! 19 days!!



4 responses

22 05 2009
Burgh Baby

Valances are about 8004% easier to make than they look like they are. Promise.

Hey, so, how come you’re not excited about seeing the kid? Heh.

22 05 2009

Good to know… I also have to make a gigantic dog bed cover too. That should be fun…

The kid? Why would I be excited? I mean, it’s just a kid… No big deal. It’s not like she can talk or DO anything… Totally boring. lol.

22 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

I’m still trying to figure out where she got that hair…

22 05 2009

That would be from my family. Lili and I were both born with hair, although not that much…

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