18 days…

23 05 2009

Really, only 18 more days? We’re so close to 2 weeks now… I might freak out at the 2 week mark… except I have nothing to pack except for hang out clothes, and one “be seen in public” outfit since I talked to Lili tonight and told her I’d rather sew a quilt for her best friend’s baby rather than a bib & burp cloth.

Sewing a bib & burp cloth for her just didn’t seem right. I’ve known her forever it seems, and I just couldn’t accept making a bib for her – even though I was okay with it being for the Cleveland Browns!! This friend deserves more… So we’re going to make a quilt happen…

I will be playing rugby tomorrow. Not softball practice. Although I’d rather be playing softball. Even though I have zero softball skills, and comparably 100% rugby skills, if you will… but I have this commitment thing and guilt thing that are teaming up to make tomorrow miserable for me.

So, since I know all of you who read this feel my pain, I watched the pilot of Glee the other night, and not surprisingly, me being a band nerd & all, I loved it… (btw, my school’s Jazz Band? Did NOT look like the ones they trot out on this show…) BUT more importantly, they sang a song by Journey. A song we all know and love. A song I’d love to go back & hear a certain person perform @ karaoke. Just sayin’…

So, for your viewing pleasure:

I have a feeling that not just the band nerd in me is going to love this show… These are the things that make me hate that I gave up music. Really.

And please, if you like me at all, you should try to watch… isn’t it about time we start to appreciate HS music stuff? The answer is YES. And I’m not kidding.

Music needs to be in schools. All schools. And be taught well. Because when you get that bug? It helps you. Believe me.




3 responses

23 05 2009

I did stagecraft in high school, we had a great theater department, lots of fun.

I agree; not just music, but all arts should be taught and appreciated at all levels of education.

23 05 2009
Uncle Crappy

When school districts start thinking about cutting expenses, one of the first things they often look to is cutting arts education; that’s always the worst possible choice. My mom, who was an elementary school art teacher for nearly 30 years, drilled this into my head years ago: it is impossible to have a complete education without art and music.

And: a Browns quilt? I knew there was a reason I liked you.

23 05 2009

PghRugbyRef & UncleCrappy: I swear my music education made me who I am today. Even more so than rugby. Honestly… I hate when I hear that schools are cutting any art programs. I’m not artist, but I took advantage of the programs I could when I was in school… šŸ™‚

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