13 Days, Summer Rugby, and some other stuff…

28 05 2009

1. Little C

  • At this time in two weeks, I will have met and stared at my Little C for 3-4 hours.
  • This, and other things, makes me giddy. Yes, giddy. It’s about time I had my turn “staring” at Little C while she is awake, asleep, whatever.
  • But what also makes me excited is seeing C & D again and taking care of them. I love them soooo much. I have a feeling I’ll get a superb welcome from each of them.
  • I would NOT be surprised if I’m kept up all night by a needy C who wants to be petted and loooved.
  • Reminder to myself: you should stop by PetSmart on the way to the Airport…
  • Apparently I’ll be seeing my mom when I visit my sister & Little C. I won’t go into why, but unfortunately my dad can’t come. I freaking miss my dad. I haven’t seen him since Christmas.
  • And on top of that, a very important anniversary is coming up next Thursday, and it’d be really nice to see my dad.

2. 7s RUGBY!!

  • Thursday night one of my favorite things about rugby starts… Summer touch rugby. I can’t wait! Summer touch is what makes me want to play competitive league matches in the fall. We play men & women together in the summer… And honestly, some of the guys (esp. new ones & college ones) don’t really expect us women to know what we’re doing. So we have to work for it… And I just love proving them wrong. Especially as I’m getting older. (I’m sorry, but a 33yr old lazy not-very-in-shape woman shouldn’t really be able to outrun a college kid… Just sayin.)
  • Summer touch practices happen RAIN OR SHINE. Honestly, I love the ones when it rains. There’s usually 1/4 to 1/3 of who are normally there, if that. And gawd is it fun. Hook slide, anyone?
  • Summer also means 7s tournaments. 7 people per team, 7 minutes per half, all on a “regular-sized” rugby field. OMG it’s rough… But it’s so much fun. 7s is where I play prop and hooker. Or sometimes scrum half. Or fly half. Or center. There’s only 7 of us out there, after all… We’re going to Morgantown on June 20th. Last year I was asked to play on a team that had played together for the previous three years and WON. And guess what? We won again!

7s champs

3. My dumb apartment building

  • I came home tonight to find a small issue with the front screen door to my building. It was broken. It’s a lever handle, and the “lever” had broken off right at the point where the rest of the handle connects to the door – right where I’ve drawn that red line below. Opening the door was fun.

door handle

  • And then I noticed the “rest” of the lever just sitting there on the ground. Which means some jerk-off in my building, broke the handle, left the rest on the ground and just came on inside and went about his business.
  • Being “me,” I went to my apartment, grabbed some super glue and fixed the door temporarily. I put up a sign to be careful with it and called the landlord. I live in a crazy building with crazy people. There’s only one person in the building that I consider even close to normal. Yes, it’s fun.
  • And what I fixed is already broken. Again.

4. Other random thoughts…

  • I’ve been catching up on the sewing I need to do for the Little C Etsy shop. Or trying to…
  • I’ve finally had to give up on that “big” job I had that would be on-going. Turns out my sewing machine just can’t handle it. The job is more meant for an industrial machine, and mine certainly isn’t.

5. Back to Little C (cause that’s what I’m all about right now)

  • WHO in their right mind, would NOT want to see these:
  • Small, but gigantic tiny hands… Look at those tendons showing on her middle and ring finger!!! I found someone to give my HUGE mittens and gloves to, I think…


  • And these feet… Thank god I’ll be there to make her feel better when someone tells her she has “boats” for shoes… (yes, someone told me that as a child…)


  • My poor sister is going to have a child taller than her perhaps when Little C is three. I’m not kidding. She’s on her way up, people. And I can’t wait to see it.
  • I have a plan – we’re going to do a hand and foot comparison between me & Little C each time I see her. She might outgrow even me!
  • But no matter what, I’m pretty sure I’m totally terrified I’ll fall in love with her more than I am right now, and I’ll never want to return to the ‘Burgh.
  • That last bullet? Is a totally reality folks. I might never want to leave Florida after this trip. I already miss my parents, my sister, D, C and even NE… add my Little C in there? How am I going to come home? How???????? I’m not kidding. Someone tell me how I can be okay with all of this…. I can’t even write about it without tearing up…



2 responses

28 05 2009

WooWoo! Go Morgantown 7’s Team! We are winnnnnnners! 🙂

are you coming this year?!

28 05 2009

Planning on it!!

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