What did I do tonight?

30 06 2009

A whole slew of things…

I started my evening by traveling up Rt. 8 to take care of a feline friend, Razor. I wanted to take a picture of him, because he is adorable & tiny, but of course, I forgot the camera at home. But I’m watching him for over a week, so I have time.

I then went to Target and through the amazing support of my parents & it being on sale, I bought my OWN table to use while I sew. Not only do I love my parents for this – and I’ll go into that sometime soon, but it also means I can return @Calipanthergrl’s table to her, approximately 6-8 months after I borrowed it. Thank you@Calipanthergrl!!!

After I got home, I took care of one rugby website issue… And tried to take care of another, but I can’t find the problem since the code looks fine when I look at it, but on the site it’s wrong… So I sent off an email to get that figured out.

Then I finished up the last two of the funky “personalization” quilt squares for that new quilt I’m making for my sister…

I also managed to do a little updating of the Brewfest page on the website, with a Twitter widget to come soon, I hope. And I added a bunch of people to the following list for PghBrewfest!

Whew. That was all from 9-11:30pm. Huh. No wonder I’m tired.

Anyway, I forgot to post this when I got home from Florida. One of the most interesting things about Florida is the amount of tiny lizard species that run around. Now, I heard from my parents that Echo loved to stalk and attack them at their first house. I never saw this in person, nor did I see it at their current place.

Now, my sister’s place is different. Just walking from the driveway to the house or vice versa (maybe 10-14 feet?) you could see 3-5 lizards running for cover. Every single time you make the trek… Amazing.

Also amazing is C, in the lanai, stalking and then attacking one of the lizards. No pictures of the attacking… just this:

the "prey" through the glass door AND the screen door...

the "prey" through the glass door AND the screen door...

my fave boy, C, stalking his prey. Said prey is towards the upper right corner of the pic...

my fave boy, C, stalking his prey. Said prey is towards the upper right corner of the pic...

For the record, C did catch some kind of lizard. Was it the one he was watching in the pictures? No idea. But he has fun out there. And at least he doesn’t bring a slightly living lizard, with its wiggling tail hanging out of his mouth to my sister, as a gift. I say that because Echo used to do that to my parents… lol.

Ok, who wants to tell me now how much I miss C and the rest of the crew in Florida?? hmmm… dangit. Still more than I can put into words.

Batting practice…

29 06 2009

In preparation for Yinz Team softball, since I’ve never really played softball, @Calipanthergrl and I sepnt a day playing catch and at the batting cages. Apparently that wasn’t enough, since I struck out three or four times on Friday.

So tonight I went up to Beaver County and met @UncleCrappy and hit some softballs. I have two things to tell you:

  1. I actually hit 60-75% of the balls the machine tossed at me. Ask @UncleCrappy. He will tell you. I performed surprisingly well. Wow.
  2. OUCH. Not only did I forget what I plan to use as batting gloves (mountain biking gloves, complete with padding), but I forgot to take off the ring I wear 24×7 on the middle finger of my left hand. The result?


This was immediately after I got into my car after we left. Nice….

In other news:

I sent my sister & mom two quilt squares I put together for a new baby quilt and they were 100% approved! Yay!

My mom & dad spent today with my sister & Little C. I hate that I live here right now. They went and bought Little C some Sun Protection clothing, including a full suit, hat and these:


I’m sorry. But, for those of you who have seen how adorable she is, how hawt will she look in her little strappy shades??? Spectacular, I believe… I’ll let you know when and if I see pics or the actual thing in person…

Sooooo miss my little niece… I can’t tell you how well I slept knowing I could hold and talk to her that same night or the next day, depending on if I was woken up to care for her. Sleeping lately? Not so well. Not so fun. I’d really love to be the third shift for Little C again. Right. Now. Now, I tell you!!!!!

Bucco Game Tweet Up

28 06 2009

Yesterday we all had a great time at the Bucco Tweet Up. It really was a fun time.

me jg yohe

me chachi

Thanks to Uncle Crappy for getting pictures of me smiling and not looking like a moron… Click on that link to see his recap of the event. With even more pictures…

And of course, we made it into the game in time for the Fireworks… Yay.


(that picture was taken by my phone. Wow.)

Uncle Crappy is right. If we don’t make this an annual event, we’re all nuts. Just sayin.


25 06 2009

Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. Just after she had finally accepted Ryan O’Neal’s proposal for marriage… finally.

Then, on the way home, I heard a news story on KDKA Radio about Michael Jackson passing away.

All the tweets I received seemed to question the validity of the news. But it was true. Michael Jackson has, in the words of @Mindbling, Beat It.

I remember getting the Thriller album (yes, the actual VINYL record) for Christmas. 1982. It was one of the things top on my list that year!! Wow. That was a really long time ago… I’m pretty sure my mom just sold that album, among others, at a recent garage/yard sale in Florida.

I happened to watch So You Think You Can Dance on Fox tonight (I have maybe 4 channels since the digital switch, I don’t have many choices) and even that show took time out to mention MJ’s death and to announce that on Monday there will be a special MJ episode…

Wow. Just Wow.

Some of my favorites that I could find on YouTube…

Heh. And there were more that I couldn’t find… Oh well…

Random. Again.

24 06 2009
  • I just realized that the plan for my new fancy quilt blocks makes it insanely difficult to sew. Oh goody is this going to be fun. I do a ton of research before I take something on.. But sometimes I apparently need to do more.
  • I told you the other day to go VOTE for BurghBaby… did you?? You better.
  • I already have two people who “heart” my Etsy shop! yay! Granted, one of them is technically extended family, but still, that’s awesome and I appreciate that she found me on there!
  • I think I’m playing softball on Friday. This is hysterical on so many levels. I just realized I haven’t told my parents. I expect one of them to laugh out loud and remind me of my attempt at t-ball when I was a child.
  • I’m going to the Pirate game on Saturday with a ton of wonderful people… The Midgie and I have a very important job at our tailgate… reserving a parking spot. The Midgie is very excited about this. Ok, I’m totally lying. (She’d just like me to get her new tires & windshield wipers.) Luckily for everyone involved, the Midgie, while falling apart in some spots is teeny tiny and if parked correctly will give us extra people/table room.
  • I’m not even going to tell you what’s going on with my knee…
  • I talked to my sister the other day and Little C was crying in the background. Of course, I know this is because The Big C had disappeared from her life while she was sleeping.
  • I really would love to be there & immediately wrap her up like a burrito and hold her close & tight and take her for a walk outside & talk to her… We did that the night before I left – Lili, D, Little C and I took a walk. I just held Little C – no Baby Bjorn. – no baby sling. I was happy to just carry her… And Little C just listened to me, dozed, looked around and finally passed out. It was fantastic. I miss it more than I can say.
  • Go vote for BurghBaby or buy something from my Etsy shop and make me happy. Do it. Now.


23 06 2009

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting a new baby quilt. Based on the same one I made for my sister originally, and modified for Teaspoon (picture below!)


(And I’ve realized I totally forgot to take pictures of the FINISHED Teaspoon quilt. Whoops… Let’s just say that Teaspoon looks totally HAWT when he’s chilling or napping in his quilt. I’ve seen the pictures, so I know.)

The new baby quilt fabrics were picked a while ago… and there were fabrics from a certain line that we kept out… But of course, I’ve got to find a new way to make it different, to personalize it… And I pulled from those fabrics we left out. And I chose to make a mish-mash of a quilt block…. A “Paintbox” or “Rick-Rack” (minus the rick-rack) block… I’ve spent the past 3+ hours figuring out how to adapt this block into my new quilt…

And I’ve managed to figure out ONE of FIVE blocks. Honestly, I’m happy I figured out the width and length of the pieces I need to make the finished block… I’m really excited to see how this quilt works out… I think it will be awesome. And a new thing that will end up on the Etsy shop!! yay!

Before I end, I have to thank a rugby person for asking about & checking out this blog and reminding me that I need to pay attention to the Handmade In PA, I Made It! Market and Handmade Arcade sites. THANK YOU!!!! You (should) know who you are… I appreciate your reading what I have here and providing me a very valuable reminder!! (Forgot to tell you that at 7s practice tonight!)

Also, thank you for the supportive emails, Facebook posts and texts about the Etsy shop. I appreciate everyone’s help and feedback… Let’s hope I make some $$ there!!!

hi there…

22 06 2009

Hmm. Since getting back to town I’m getting a post done every two days… why? I have no idea, except that I was pretty bummed out at first from leaving Little C. I’m still sad, but I’m okay with it.

It also has to do with the fact I’ve spent most of my free time buying fabrics, sewing or being annoyed that my knee hurts and not feeling like writing. Go me!!

However, there are good things going on!!

1.The Little C and Me Etsy shop is OPEN!!! Yikes! You can find it here.

2. I finished a little jumper that I started for Little C. It was supposed to have little foot coverings, but Little C lives in Florida, so that just wasn’t going to work.


It has really cute buttons at the top. They’re just decoration, unfortunately. My sewing machine tried to eat the fabric where the button hole was supposed to go. Nice.


This jumper is HUGE. We’ll be lucky if she wears it by the time she’s two. Sewing kids stuff might be worse than acknowledging that McCalls, Simplicity and every other pattern company think my size is a 14, when I’m a 6 or 8, maybe a 10 in all my store-bought clothing…  I have NO problem with my size(s) – I vary depending on rugby season, injuries etc. But to “know” my size and then see what a pattern says it is? Ridiculous.

2. I’m starting a new baby quilt. It involves the following:

Microsoft Word - fabrics

And wahoo am I excited!!

3. My knee still hurts.* I’ll go to a doctor if it still hurts like heck after July 4th weekend. Ok?

4. *I wanted to ice my knee today. Knowing my injuries, I used to keep a reusable ice pack at work. In the freezer. When last week’s storm hit and the building lost electricity, they cleaned out EVERY fridge & freezer in the building. They didn’t even LOOK at what they tossed or who owned it. So my ice pack is gone. Along with other condiments and such I kept there… Gee, thanks, shitty job. You don’t pay me nearly anything, and now you throw out my stuff. Softball starts on Friday. Yay. Yet another reason to run around and make an a** of myself. So much fun. More on this to come.

5. I still want to hold my baby burrito again. Really badly. That is all I will say about that. (Hi Lili!! Give my Little C a big kiss and hug from me and tell her I love her more than anything else in the world!! And tell her Aunt Claire says to be a good girl for mommy!!)

A bunch of stuff….

20 06 2009
  • There is a 7s rugby tournament on Saturday in West Virginia. One that I went to last year and was supposed to go to this year… But I’m not going. I’ll blog about this over the weekend, but in short, I’m having issues with my right knee. Repeat issues.So I’m skipping the tournament in the hope that I might avoid a more major injury to my knee. Oh goody.
  • At my sister’s house, there is usually a spot on the couch covered in some kind of blanket. This is D’s “place.” If you tell her to “go to place,” she will climb up on the couch and lay down – as long as the blanket is there. (If it isn’t covering the cushion, D will let you know.) While I was there, I managed to catch this:


Yeah, that’s D, asleep. And her tongue is sticking out. Adorable.

  • I was nearly forced to bring this home with me:

clydeC decided, while I was re-organizing my suitcase, that it was an awesome place to lie down. I had actually placed a few things in the bottom of the suitcase, which he managed to kick out of the way before settling in… I really think he would have stayed there for the day if I had let him…

  • The Little C and Me Etsy shop has a few items for sale now. I sewed some more things tonight… and then I realized that the fabric for one of the bibs is upside down on the finished product… I’m a moron… Dang.
  • I firmly believe that you should click on this link and vote for BurghBaby for the Best Pittsburgh Local Blog. Why?
  1. Because BurghBaby‘s blog is really great!
  2. Because she is one of the people who encouraged me to start this blog!
  3. Because she’s a friend of mine!
  4. Because she supports all of her blog friends and shares some crazy & wonderful things with us – whether it be the March for Maddie, Christmas Crazy stories,  or a Huge One Day Contest
  5. Because she’s on my Yinz Team softball team – Team Lokay FTW!
  6. Because I said so.

So go vote. Now. Do it. You know you want to.

  • Have I mentioned that I miss my baby burrito? Cause I do. Seriously.

The baby burrito…

18 06 2009

What the heck is a baby burrito? A baby burrito is what I called Little C when she was swaddled. All wrapped up tightly.

Little C loves to be a baby burrito. And there are three variations of the burrito… #1 is a full baby burrito – arms & legs all wrapped up. #2 is a baby burrito with one arm – one arm kept outside. #3 usually is the result of  a long nap or a night of sleep – a burrito with both arms out.


This is my baby burrito in her crib… Variation #2… Geez – she looks very bulky, but she’s not. I swear. Someone asked me if she was a doll when they saw her pictures… lol.

In baby burrito mode, you MUST be moving. There is no sitting in the baby burrito world. Being near a window or being outside results in bonus points. Little C instantly stops being fussy and just looks around for a few seconds. Bonus points are also awarded for talking to Little C in burrito mode. It’s really amazing to see her little eyes focusing on yours or your face while you talk to her…

So what did I tell Little C? Well, I told her a bunch of secret stuff…. But we also talked about going to the zoo & animals; about going to a park; camping; flowers & plants; what Santa might bring her; about rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans; I told her about Pittsburgh and how great it is here… I also told her about mountains and snow. She didn’t believe me. She got this crazy look on her face when I mentioned those things. Seriously.

I miss the Little C Baby Burrito so much. I got to spend most of Monday late evening with her while Lili & NE went to bed. Little C slept for most of that time. But when she woke up, I gave her a bottle and talked her back to sleep. And I wouldn’t trade for anything except for more time with her.

I’m not kidding when I say one of the the hardest things I’ve ever done was give Little C back to my sister and head to the security line on Tuesday. I was crying so much that a security guard stopped me part-way through security to ask if I was ok. I think he thought something bad had happened. It honestly took me a second or two to actually answer him with a coherent answer – that I had just left my niece for the first time and I was sad. When he heard that? He was really nice and patted me on the arm and said it would be okay and I could always come back to see her.

I know I’ll go back and see her. There’s no options involved there. The question right now is how soon I can make that happen…

What I did on my vacation…

17 06 2009

If you know me, you know I don’t take vacations. I take days off for rugby. And I take days off to travel to see my family in Florida. All of those usually involve 1-2 days at the most. But after my sister’s baby shower, I booked a trip that would have me taking 5 days off from work, and staying through a weekend.

And it was the best trip I’ve ever taken. Not only did I spend all that time with my sister, Little C and NE, but I also spent a couple of days with my mom and I got to spend a day with my dad too. It was spectacular.

I won’t post full pics of Little C here. Instead here are little crops of things I’ll share with you. Some of my  memories of my trip… I’m saving the best one for tomorrow…


This is Little C in her hat that matches her dress. The hat is miles too big for her right now. As is the dress. That’s why there’s no picture of us in our matching outfits. I’m not even sure we could have MADE it fit her for a picture. But regardless, she wore the hat for this picture and for a nice walk that we took.

tummy time

This is TUMMY TIME!! Where Little C lays on her tummy on her quilt and practices lifting her head up so that her neck gets strong. She hates tummy time. But she likes to lift her head from your shoulder like she’s big & strong. And then it all ends with a big faceplant to your shoulder. Hysterical. Tummy Time is observed by the dog, D, who keeps an eye on Little C as much as she can.

pens fan

Little C was awake for the first period & a half of the Pens victory on Friday night. She was already wrapped up, so we just snapped this picture of the next Pens fan coming up the pipes. NE has given the ok to her being a Pens fan right now, since they were in the playoffs. If the Bruins become a better team next year, all bets are off.

This is also why I reinforced Little C being a Red Sox fan. I’m not a baseball fan, and let’s face it, there’s no way I can argue she should be a Bucco fan. When it comes to the Steelers vs. Patriots? I’m going to bargain that she be encouraged to cheer for both… And get a free pass when they play one another.

hold hand

This is Little C in her BabyBjorn carrier. We took a walk and I carried her. During the walk, she took hold of my index finger & didn’t let go. Even after she fell asleep. She tried very hard during my visit to make that index finger stay in Florida.


These are Little C’s house shoes. Aka slipers. Aka the only things that stay on her little feet and keep them warm. They are adorable.

little c

This is proof that Little C approves of the bibs that will be sold on Little C and Me. The Little C and Me tag is right there in the circle. Sweet!!