One week!!!!

2 06 2009

One week from tonight I will be finishing up packing and getting ready to head to Florida for my week with Little C. Yay!

I also just found out that my parents will be making a day trip to see me. Yes, my parents. BOTH of them. I get to see my dad!!!!! Woot!

My mom offered to let my sister & NE go out for lunch or something while they visit, leaving my mom, dad and I with Little C. My sister said no. Obviously she is brilliant and we can get many great pictures of our whole side of the family together!!! Have I mentioned my sister is awesome?

Also, apparently there will be other trips and other visitors…. A very busy time!

But I’m still excited! I talked to my mom, and she said Little C loves when you talk to her. Or read to her. Read? Seriously? Well, then you have requested the best backup on the planet. Because I’ve been dying to read to her for two weeks!!

And being the night-owl that I am, I’ve got the corner on night shift. Yay!




One response

3 06 2009
Burgh Baby

I can’t believe you STILL haven’t managed to work up a little excitement. 😉

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