THREE Days!!

7 06 2009

Three days till my visit with Little C and the family! I’m so excited. I’ve been told by a secret little birdie that Lili and Little C might meet me INSIDE the airport rather than my sister swinging by the arrivals area! I’m already planning to pack light, but I better do so because if I see my sister & Little C in the airport when I get there? I’ll probably throw my bags and RUN TO THEM!! And forget about my belongings… Uh-oh.

I finished the hat that goes with Little C’s dress on Saturday night. How cute is this:


Little C and I will have our picture taken together in our cutie-pie matching outfits.

I’ve also been getting things ready for the Little C and Me Etsy shop:


That one is actually for Little C. Not for the shop 🙂

But this is for the shop:

turtles set

I really started working on the shop Friday night, but then I remembered I’m going away for nearly a week, and will probably be online maybe twice in that time. Not a good time to start the shop. So I’ll get to that when I get home.

To keep myself occupied before I leave, I made myself a skirt. And then I decided to make myself this dress:


And I’m mostly done. But the hard parts – sleeves & the zipper remain to be done… And I think I’ll have to adjust the side seams so that it fits me a bit better. But I’m happy with it so far. Especially the top part and getting the pattern to match. That was harder than I could ever to tell you…

partial dress

It needs to be ironed… I know… But it’s a work in progress, so deal with it… 🙂




3 responses

8 06 2009

You can’t move to Florida without giving me back my drive…

8 06 2009

omg that little hat is so darn cute! i can’t wait to see your twins picture.

8 06 2009

Those look great! I wish I could sew.

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