Almost “go” time!!

8 06 2009

24 hours from now, I will be running around my apartment like a crazy person. Trying to figure out what things I need that I have managed to forget till then. Yes, I have a list of things to take, and a lot of things are already packed because I want to take the smallest bags possible. There isn’t enough to fill my regular carry-on suitcase… Yet I’m making one of my longest trips ever.

I will also be sewing something, at some point, with the Pens game on the radio… Gotta try to get the mojo back after myself – and others, I’m sure – killed it this past weekend. Personally? I went to watch the game on the patio of My Living Room with some Yinz Team friends and some very drunk ruggers. I also wore a skirt.

But first of all, really Pens? 5-0? I have loooooooooooooooooved you since years before you won your first Stanley Cup. I’ve even loved you when Mario retired, you didn’t have Jagr anymore and before Sid & Malkin and everyone else we have now… I STILL have memorabilia from your other two cup wins… We’re talking the Weaties box, Post-Gazette front page posters, memorial Coca-Cola cans… I’m going to see my dad sometime in the next week, and I’d REALLY, REALLY, REALLY not like to have him ask me what the hell is wrong with the girls on the Pens team. (Long story, Dad coached hockey for  A LONG TIME…)

So,tomorrow? The skirt from game 5 is packed. But so is the t-shirt I wore for games 4 & 5. That’s in case we go to game 7 when I’m in Florida. Instead, I’ll be rocking my Pens hat…

And Pens? I expect better of you tomorrow night. You know it, I know it, we all know it. You are capable of soooo much more than what we’ve seen.




If you can bring it, Pens, for game 6, me and Little C will be watching on Friday. She will be wrapped in my favorite Pens t-shirt and I’ll rock the hat. I promise you she will cry for you as a means of cheering. (That’s all she does, she’s a month old. You can’t ask for much more.) And I’ll have the dog, D, high five me when you score. It will be a grand night, IF you bring it.

I’m crazy excited to see Little C. And it turns out that I can see my mom when I arrive too… No word on when I see my dad yet. We’ll figure that out… But I can’t wait till I get down there.

Did I mention this is my BIG vacation?? Yeah, I go to Florida for all of my vacations. As long as I’m not at work & rugby? I’m happy.




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