The baby burrito…

18 06 2009

What the heck is a baby burrito? A baby burrito is what I called Little C when she was swaddled. All wrapped up tightly.

Little C loves to be a baby burrito. And there are three variations of the burrito… #1 is a full baby burrito – arms & legs all wrapped up. #2 is a baby burrito with one arm – one arm kept outside. #3 usually is the result of  a long nap or a night of sleep – a burrito with both arms out.


This is my baby burrito in her crib… Variation #2… Geez – she looks very bulky, but she’s not. I swear. Someone asked me if she was a doll when they saw her pictures… lol.

In baby burrito mode, you MUST be moving. There is no sitting in the baby burrito world. Being near a window or being outside results in bonus points. Little C instantly stops being fussy and just looks around for a few seconds. Bonus points are also awarded for talking to Little C in burrito mode. It’s really amazing to see her little eyes focusing on yours or your face while you talk to her…

So what did I tell Little C? Well, I told her a bunch of secret stuff…. But we also talked about going to the zoo & animals; about going to a park; camping; flowers & plants; what Santa might bring her; about rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans; I told her about Pittsburgh and how great it is here… I also told her about mountains and snow. She didn’t believe me. She got this crazy look on her face when I mentioned those things. Seriously.

I miss the Little C Baby Burrito so much. I got to spend most of Monday late evening with her while Lili & NE went to bed. Little C slept for most of that time. But when she woke up, I gave her a bottle and talked her back to sleep. And I wouldn’t trade for anything except for more time with her.

I’m not kidding when I say one of the the hardest things I’ve ever done was give Little C back to my sister and head to the security line on Tuesday. I was crying so much that a security guard stopped me part-way through security to ask if I was ok. I think he thought something bad had happened. It honestly took me a second or two to actually answer him with a coherent answer – that I had just left my niece for the first time and I was sad. When he heard that? He was really nice and patted me on the arm and said it would be okay and I could always come back to see her.

I know I’ll go back and see her. There’s no options involved there. The question right now is how soon I can make that happen…




2 responses

19 06 2009

Swaddled babies always look so adorable. 🙂

19 06 2009

don’t they though? When Little C was all swaddled up she was sooo cuddly!!

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