A bunch of stuff….

20 06 2009
  • There is a 7s rugby tournament on Saturday in West Virginia. One that I went to last year and was supposed to go to this year… But I’m not going. I’ll blog about this over the weekend, but in short, I’m having issues with my right knee. Repeat issues.So I’m skipping the tournament in the hope that I might avoid a more major injury to my knee. Oh goody.
  • At my sister’s house, there is usually a spot on the couch covered in some kind of blanket. This is D’s “place.” If you tell her to “go to place,” she will climb up on the couch and lay down – as long as the blanket is there. (If it isn’t covering the cushion, D will let you know.) While I was there, I managed to catch this:


Yeah, that’s D, asleep. And her tongue is sticking out. Adorable.

  • I was nearly forced to bring this home with me:

clydeC decided, while I was re-organizing my suitcase, that it was an awesome place to lie down. I had actually placed a few things in the bottom of the suitcase, which he managed to kick out of the way before settling in… I really think he would have stayed there for the day if I had let him…

  • The Little C and Me Etsy shop has a few items for sale now. I sewed some more things tonight… and then I realized that the fabric for one of the bibs is upside down on the finished product… I’m a moron… Dang.
  • I firmly believe that you should click on this link and vote for BurghBaby for the Best Pittsburgh Local Blog. Why?
  1. Because BurghBaby‘s blog is really great!
  2. Because she is one of the people who encouraged me to start this blog!
  3. Because she’s a friend of mine!
  4. Because she supports all of her blog friends and shares some crazy & wonderful things with us – whether it be the March for Maddie, Christmas Crazy stories,  or a Huge One Day Contest
  5. Because she’s on my Yinz Team softball team – Team Lokay FTW!
  6. Because I said so.

So go vote. Now. Do it. You know you want to.

  • Have I mentioned that I miss my baby burrito? Cause I do. Seriously.



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