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22 06 2009

Hmm. Since getting back to town I’m getting a post done every two days… why? I have no idea, except that I was pretty bummed out at first from leaving Little C. I’m still sad, but I’m okay with it.

It also has to do with the fact I’ve spent most of my free time buying fabrics, sewing or being annoyed that my knee hurts and not feeling like writing. Go me!!

However, there are good things going on!!

1.The Little C and Me Etsy shop is OPEN!!! Yikes! You can find it here.

2. I finished a little jumper that I started for Little C. It was supposed to have little foot coverings, but Little C lives in Florida, so that just wasn’t going to work.


It has really cute buttons at the top. They’re just decoration, unfortunately. My sewing machine tried to eat the fabric where the button hole was supposed to go. Nice.


This jumper is HUGE. We’ll be lucky if she wears it by the time she’s two. Sewing kids stuff might be worse than acknowledging that McCalls, Simplicity and every other pattern company think my size is a 14, when I’m a 6 or 8, maybe a 10 in all my store-bought clothing…  I have NO problem with my size(s) – I vary depending on rugby season, injuries etc. But to “know” my size and then see what a pattern says it is? Ridiculous.

2. I’m starting a new baby quilt. It involves the following:

Microsoft Word - fabrics

And wahoo am I excited!!

3. My knee still hurts.* I’ll go to a doctor if it still hurts like heck after July 4th weekend. Ok?

4. *I wanted to ice my knee today. Knowing my injuries, I used to keep a reusable ice pack at work. In the freezer. When last week’s storm hit and the building lost electricity, they cleaned out EVERY fridge & freezer in the building. They didn’t even LOOK at what they tossed or who owned it. So my ice pack is gone. Along with other condiments and such I kept there… Gee, thanks, shitty job. You don’t pay me nearly anything, and now you throw out my stuff. Softball starts on Friday. Yay. Yet another reason to run around and make an a** of myself. So much fun. More on this to come.

5. I still want to hold my baby burrito again. Really badly. That is all I will say about that. (Hi Lili!! Give my Little C a big kiss and hug from me and tell her I love her more than anything else in the world!! And tell her Aunt Claire says to be a good girl for mommy!!)




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