23 06 2009

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting a new baby quilt. Based on the same one I made for my sister originally, and modified for Teaspoon (picture below!)


(And I’ve realized I totally forgot to take pictures of the FINISHED Teaspoon quilt. Whoops… Let’s just say that Teaspoon looks totally HAWT when he’s chilling or napping in his quilt. I’ve seen the pictures, so I know.)

The new baby quilt fabrics were picked a while ago… and there were fabrics from a certain line that we kept out… But of course, I’ve got to find a new way to make it different, to personalize it… And I pulled from those fabrics we left out. And I chose to make a mish-mash of a quilt block…. A “Paintbox” or “Rick-Rack” (minus the rick-rack) block… I’ve spent the past 3+ hours figuring out how to adapt this block into my new quilt…

And I’ve managed to figure out ONE of FIVE blocks. Honestly, I’m happy I figured out the width and length of the pieces I need to make the finished block… I’m really excited to see how this quilt works out… I think it will be awesome. And a new thing that will end up on the Etsy shop!! yay!

Before I end, I have to thank a rugby person for asking about & checking out this blog and reminding me that I need to pay attention to the Handmade In PA, I Made It! Market and Handmade Arcade sites. THANK YOU!!!! You (should) know who you are… I appreciate your reading what I have here and providing me a very valuable reminder!! (Forgot to tell you that at 7s practice tonight!)

Also, thank you for the supportive emails, Facebook posts and texts about the Etsy shop. I appreciate everyone’s help and feedback… Let’s hope I make some $$ there!!!




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24 06 2009

I’ll get you some pics of the finished Teaspoon quilt if I can ever get him off of it.

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