Random. Again.

24 06 2009
  • I just realized that the plan for my new fancy quilt blocks makes it insanely difficult to sew. Oh goody is this going to be fun. I do a ton of research before I take something on.. But sometimes I apparently need to do more.
  • I told you the other day to go VOTE for BurghBaby… did you?? You better.
  • I already have two people who “heart” my Etsy shop! yay! Granted, one of them is technically extended family, but still, that’s awesome and I appreciate that she found me on there!
  • I think I’m playing softball on Friday. This is hysterical on so many levels. I just realized I haven’t told my parents. I expect one of them to laugh out loud and remind me of my attempt at t-ball when I was a child.
  • I’m going to the Pirate game on Saturday with a ton of wonderful people… The Midgie and I have a very important job at our tailgate… reserving a parking spot. The Midgie is very excited about this. Ok, I’m totally lying. (She’d just like me to get her new tires & windshield wipers.) Luckily for everyone involved, the Midgie, while falling apart in some spots is teeny tiny and if parked correctly will give us extra people/table room.
  • I’m not even going to tell you what’s going on with my knee…
  • I talked to my sister the other day and Little C was crying in the background. Of course, I know this is because The Big C had disappeared from her life while she was sleeping.
  • I really would love to be there & immediately wrap her up like a burrito and hold her close & tight and take her for a walk outside & talk to her… We did that the night before I left – Lili, D, Little C and I took a walk. I just held Little C – no Baby Bjorn. – no baby sling. I was happy to just carry her… And Little C just listened to me, dozed, looked around and finally passed out. It was fantastic. I miss it more than I can say.
  • Go vote for BurghBaby or buy something from my Etsy shop and make me happy. Do it. Now.



One response

25 06 2009
Uncle Crappy

A tailgate party is a very important experience in the life of any car. I’m sure the Midgie will do well.

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